“Olivia”: The Song The Whispers Should Have Yelled

What is the world coming to?
So many are used and abused/
There’s over ten million girls, who are lost in this world/
What will your kinfolks say?
Olivia, the slave/
It must be tearing their heart in two/
Listen close, they’re calling you (Olivia, Olivia)

Olivia the slave, got distracted on her way, to grandmother’s house/
A wolf in lamb’s clothing came,
Blew her mind and changed her ways/
And now she’s turned out/
Lost and turned out…

—(from the song “Olivia (Lost & Turned Out) by The Whispers, 1978)

Many Olivias sat in front of the television last night, critiquing loudly the atrocities shown on VH1 while silently comparing every aspect of their lives wondering, “am I like these women?” And chances that the answer to that monolithic question is more than likely “yes,” simply because the eye has committed to the actions seen and actuated the process in the mind. It’s science by Steven Spielberg and Nicholas Rothschild. Go learn.

Ok, so maybe the plot to keep Black women under the trance of baby daddies, the come-up and the redefined role of a whore might not be by the conspiracy of two Jew-mongrels but in the same, mongrels have become the incestuous breed of Olivias who marry the idea that “I can be like them without being like them” with the unfortunate generational behaviors that go unidentified and uncorrected.

I sat and looked at my Twitter timeline, my heart being shredded on a mandolin of “Girl, she’s a hot-ass mess” and “he’s just a trifling, no good man.” I was sick from the self-deception; that the Olivia on the screen wasn’t a mirror image of those watching; that under all the misdirected bashing were Black women who identified with the situations so abhorrently displayed on that screen. I watched the comments, cringing at each scroll upwards, knowing that the so-called disgust expressed on my timeline was only going to be translated into similar dialogue after changing the channel to another identity-warping program that had no intention on projecting a better image of women with integrity and upstanding decision-making skills. I wanted to unfollow every person that commented on that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta show because their presence in my timeline was making me question my own self-worth and wanting to identify with the populous. Then I had to make a decision:

I put the phone down.

Like my foot, smack, the law or anything else that fits in that colloquial phrase it was crucial that I turned away from what the disheartening “conversation” of my Twitter community and focus on paint swatches. Something. Anything other than that. Because in the end, what else can be said about a subject so beaten and worn like the vagina of a Rosie the Riveter figure who gave the prostitutes a chance to recoup when the soldiers got back from war? A decision, once again, to watch a group of depraved women who continue to make bad choices based on the apparent need of actuated love and redirection to ideals that not only work for Black women, but work for any woman who is being prepared for a man who is also being prepared for matrimony and nation-building. This is what has been said, what needs to be said, and some, time and time again. Because of the way of the universe, if you’re not part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem and endorsing [watching] the continuous obstruction of mental correction of young women is only showing the networks that you WANT to be lost; that you want your time to be taken up by a bunch of people who don’t make sense and want you to have an opinion about their motions that don’t make sense. Lost and turned out 2.0.

People are going to do what they want to do, no doubt; do they know why they do the things that they seemingly want to do though? Of course not. Is that part of their list of “wants”? Lord, please let it be. Media hypnosis has once again drowned out the whispers of those who know best and bolstered the cackling calls of ghetto darlings who would much rather be called urban because it sounds better. C’mon people. This really does not have to be the “world in which we live.” Perception of the perception is making it that way and those that give the thumbs up to the networks to keep the crap coming are only waiting to reproduce children who only know bullshit.


Now. Learn how to say no and holla at an Olivia the next time you see one. She probably needs GPS.