On Criminality and Elitism

Do I really want to deal with this topic, right?

I don’t know.

It’s like, the more you work towards a thing, the harder the individuals who wish to stop you become. In a lot of ways I see it as a video game. But…I’d rather not give that much credence to the power of those hiding behind screens.

I learned early on that we feed on those weaker than ourselves. The lion and lamb probably shouldn’t be laying that damn close to one another. In a capitalist western dominated society, that means those with titles will attempt to influence the minds of those that have less, or have titles that aren’t as respected. Work in a society such as this implies work for a master. When I write posts on my blog, they are not respected if my blog is not generating fanfare. If I am not making a certain amount of money, my “work” here on my blog is considered useless. We are in deed slaves to the thoughts of others. The very reason you are able to celebrate the Afrikan portion of Barack Obama is because Whites celebrated it. In many ways, the choice to be freed of society’s chains are limited, even after manumission.

And please understand that I’m not here to vilify or pretend that I don’t live according to certain standards. As I’ve stated repeatedly through my posts and else where online, hell, I love expensive suits. I enjoy luxury vehicles. However, I don’t kiss ass. I am the type to face a five to ten sentence for taking someone’s nice things. You can cream and moan all you want about how hard someone worked for whatever, yeah, keep whining. The reason your security in this country exists is because someone took land from someone. The reason your economy exists is because someone forced others to work and took the fruits of their labor. Black women were treated like prostitutes: given extra clothing and trinkets in order to have more babies that would become slaves. Why do you really think this country is in Iraq? Why do you really think this country is in Afghanistan? You are governed by the criminal elite. You sanction the criminal elite. You vote for the criminal elite. You send your children off to be programmed by the criminal elite. You hope they will grow up and be supported by the criminal elite.

What has been Obama’s “cure” for the economic crisis? Give billions to those that caused the imbroglio and make emotional appeals to the middle class so they would work harder. Support the criminals, and pimp the workers. What more would you call it? We live in a capitalist economy. We live in a society that trains its children to look down upon those whose parents didn’t kill enough, didn’t pimp enough, didn’t rob enough, didn’t sell enough drugs or alcohol. We are trained, socialized, to become elite minions. We have mastered the art of being influenced by title holders and money throwers. We are like whores on a stage, shaking our proverbial asses for the person that tips the most.

And we have the nerve to be moralist when the very actions and system we promote, the very ideology that our actions promote creates the criminal class that we wish to frown upon and turn our noses at. How do you think the thought of robbery and burglary gets into the minds of the young ghetto dweller? If you will kiss ass all your life in order to climb the social ladder that the elites have made you believe exist, why not those who find pride a little too bitter to swallow?