Owl’s Asylum and other thoughts on why Black Women are Better for Leadership

So much goes into a Jay Farand day…

And every now and then I need time to reflect on the day’s adventures. And as I’ve grown, I’ve learned that you have to always find time to write. This is actually why Asylum exists. Why I am able to reach you in the manner that I do is because I built an internet S.O.S. broadcasting website and called it my “blog”. And as I interacted with those who had found this internet and these platforms to communicate with others, I realized just how different I was. Not different so much in the sense of gift or genius, I mean in the sense of class. I felt like I was back in the 8th grade and people were laughing at my leaning boots. That kind of different that comes with poverty in a land of plenty amongst a people that have been so brainwashed(yes, every condition that Black people have been concentrated into in the US can be described as sensory deprecating; every message a part of the propaganda of the white elite corporate system{“…the people” per Declaration of Independence(some fiction shit written by this sexual predator named thomas jefferson…)}. But I stood strong amongst so many other voices. I have yet to accomplish the fanfare of a Chris Nolan or even those Black Bloggers that win those cool digital decal stamps for their sidebars every year. But I managed to attract some very loyal and beautiful people into my life. And I suppose for me, that is more important than bringing in thousands of dollars of revenue due to some cleverly worded ad-sense link.

I want, no…scratches…I need to let the women of Asylum understand how much I am indebted to your assistance in my plight. I need you to know how much of a support system you really are. Without what I’ve affectionately referred to as Asylum Staff, I could not be here typing this today. No…literally. Asylum was my mad house, my padded room. But thanks to you, I have learned that it is my refuge from the war against Black people: eternal poverty(underclass: lowest capitalist tier).

We as men fail so often in our plight to secure respect amongst one another. We have yet to understand how homosexual that is(No, like, that is the root of homosexuality). I’ve tried to understand the ego trappings of my Self, in order to better unite and work with many of my brothers;yet to no avail. And please believe that I’ve tried.

I don’t live a life where I can afford mistakes multiplying into lifestyles. And for me, working with men became a headache upon headache. And every time I choose to show lenience instead of justice, a woman was commissioned to enter my life and clean up the mess made. The most brilliant thing I’ve done to date is Asylum. I will be dead and damned before I allow the egos of pissing contest champions to touch my legacy. As you can tell, I take this very seriously.

I applaud our brothers over at Stolen, you may be following their Twitter accounts: @Ahbseenkwestion and @KhairiAkili . Those brothers have shown me what is possible. Yet, I have not been so blessed to be a graduate of their exclusive university. When two brothers can meet via an online medium and trust one another enough to invest in a pregnancy of ideas more than rhetoric and gilded dreams, I can only applaud. The standing on my feet kind. And yet, I can not seem to find the same amongst my brethren. I feel like that poor sap Joseph, the symbol analyst, in the Bible and Quran who was beaten and sold into slavery by his brothers. Betrayal seems to taint the patriarchal convenant of brotherhood beyond the West’s Cain and Abel…

I’ve heard time and time again the oaths spewed by contemporary conservative Black nationalists and their ilk. I’ve listened to their baseless statements regarding a system where women are in the position of resource control and popular influence above men. I question any specious statements masquerading as logic that neglects to consider the opposing argument, or at least a different perspective that is thorough in thought. I’ve lived through countless wars, the crack epidemic, the gang migration, and Drake; I know male rulership, and I have not one problem with giving the women a chance if they are willing to give them Selves a chance. I don’t blame female headed households on young men dressing and behaving as homosexuals; I blame men for not being around. My self included.

(editor’s note: I feel a disclaimer coming on…I will not temper anyone’s intelligence: most of us men socialized in the United States of America will share a certain homophobia. Our training and rites of passage can be as rigorous as killing another man in order to validate our gender association. Homosexuality in our culture is regarded as a breaking down of the strength through the force of other men, physically or psychologically. These are not statements made by me of ignorance;I am only an analyst, not a theorist, and I report what I’ve seen with the scrutiny of a trained professional. I support the cause of any outcast or alienated group, especially if the alienation has grown to the level of oppression. However, as a heterosexual male, I am privileged to see the necessity of Black heterosexual males and females. I enjoy sex as a means of reproduction versus laboratory cook ups. And I have yet to witness or be exposed to a child being born of such relations.)

In closing, I don’t want my male allies to feel shunted by these statements. But it is beyond the scope of my budget to risk being entrapped by ego-driven contracts designed to fulfill prideful wishes. We have given opportunity after opportunity for Black men to show Asylum the same degree of support, and lets face it, love as the women readers.

Sorry, fellas, but the women win hands down here…

Long live the mighty Owl’s Asylum…

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