Owl’s Asylum Is Still Alive…

I’ve read about the rumors. The Asylum was pulled off of Twitter. Well, the actual language used was that I was “kicked off” of Twitter. Actually, not too bad of a rumor if I was going for that sort of attention, a digital martyr of the popular social media network. If I had a more established and organized team of digital activists, that could actually be quite useful. Unfortunately, I do not. And well…it simply isn’t true to begin with.

It is sort of interesting to me that I am even taking the time to explain why I decided to pull The Asylum’s account off of Twitter. I read a piece where a guy compared taking one’s account of Twitter with suicide. A bit much, guy. Twitter is a great resource, that I cannot deny. It is not, however, the internet, nor is it life, nor is it The Asylum. Ultimately, I feel many of us give social networks much more credence than they deserve. Obviously, if the response to my pulling my account off is akin to me leaving the planet. And that works as a great segue into exactly the nature of my deleting the Asylum account.

I’m not dead. The Asylum was a website before it was a timeline. That is something we all need to consider. Just how much energy am I expected to give to a platform that I have no control over? How has Twitter benefited the Asylum if my pulling away from Twitter causes people to forget they have my e-mail address? How are we networking if the only means of communication we have is Twitter? What exactly are we using Twitter for again?

The good, the bad, and the completely ignorant…Twitter is what you make of it. I believe that as a means to access millions of other people, and most of us only actually accessing a little less than two thousand is telling. In my mind, that should dictate the interactions. I used Twitter as a means to disseminate knowledge in 140 character bites. I used to Twitter to meet some very interesting people, many of whom I’ve established relationships with off of Twitter. However, if The Asylum is here, and you truly follow the Asylum for what it has to offer with regards to writing, then I ask you: How hard is it to type my URL into your browser’s address bar and find out what is going on? Just because the Asylum isn’t on Twitter, doesn’t mean the Asylum is dead. In fact, it is more alive than ever.

All of this says a lot to me about the dependence we have on particular websites. And yes, regardless of popular belief, Twitter is just another website. If Twitter was to shut down for an indefinite time, it seems as though it would be like the Tower of Babel falling. Scattering shouldn’t occur. Most of the people reading this have my e-mail address. And as stated, you know how to get to the Asylum: it is as easy as typing www.owlasylum.net. And hey, it won’t even take you 140 characters to do it.

Networking with anyone should be able to create a synergy between the two people that are networking together. I don’t live on Twitter. Most of my life’s dilemmas don’t stem from Twitter. Most of my great successes are not because of Twitter. Sure, there are great experiences to be documented and if our accounts aren’t on private, maybe one day someone will open up the archives in the Library of Congress and say,”Hey! DrakesHairline graduated on the same day that LilKimsLeftNipple picked up her first driving while texting charge!” Or something like that.