Paper Tigers, or Tiger’s Paper, as it were…

I don’t want to take up too much time with this discussion. I saw the timeline on twitter blazing with the hashtag 750million, and I saw the reports of Tiger Woods and his estranged wife Elin Nordegren.

According to one article that I read on People, the negotiations are “about $700 million”. According to the report here on Welsh, the couple has agreed on a settlement, and for $750 million dollars in Elin’s bank account, she will not discuss the marriage and Tiger will not be allowed to bring his women friends around the children.


Tiger’s business is Tiger’s business, and for the record, I could really care less.

“Well, Mister Jay ‘Owl’ Farand, why did you take time out of your day to write this blog post about it?”

Well, since you asked…

My sister’s father once told me that I needed to start dating white women because I was smart, handsome, and charming…but broke. At the time, I was too intoxicated to respond rationally, and yet, even through the cloud of sensory impairment, I knew my days of chasing white women had been over. I do believe in love, and I do believe a person should love the personality more than the wrapping of that said personality. Yet, my Black Nationalist leanings have a tendency to inform even the most subtle aspects of my romantic nature. The contradiction is admitted and accepted, but, I am dedicated to my people in a very dangerous way. Most times foolish, even to me.

What I see is not just a man divorcing his wife. What I see is not just another man being financially raped by the divorce courts. What I see is more than Tiger Woods’ estate being passed to Ms. Nordegren. What I see is another fortune created by a black man being passed into the hands of a white woman. Nature may not know a color line, but society and politics do. And regardless of what many might claim about the color of money, economics in this world definitely understands racial segmentation.

Granted, Tiger Woods really hasn’t been the most nationalistic person with regards to the black community. For the most part, Black people claim Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods doesn’t claim Black People. However, race is one of those superficial items that create communal acceptance just because. Thus, just because Woods’ father was an American Black, Woods’ wealth is in the hands of a black person. At least a sizable portion.

Ultimately, this discussion will become a blanket statement disparaging interracial relations. I can’t control that. This is not a post indicting interracial relationships. As with most of my works, it is simply an observation. And as usual, there is a certain mathematical equation socially in operation that I would like to detail. Namely, as long as white women are the trophy–the status symbol–black men of means will see fit to be romantically involved with them. This is not to say that all black men involved with white woman are doing so because of the status attached to white women in this society. That is not even to say Tiger Woods did it. Yet, the implication is that wealth held by black men is often enough going into the hands of white women. The objective pattern is surely that Black men with money marry white women at a rate that absolutely establishes white women and helps to disenfranchise black women.

The media attack on black women is substantial enough to at least look at the political pronouncements that will attach themselves. Black woman are the most attacked group of peoples on earth. The destruction of the Black peoples will definitely need to see a complete and accurate destruction of the image of Black women. As long as men of any race see white women as the ideal mate and black women as the antithesis, we can most assuredly consider the future of black people comparable to that of the natives of the Americas.

I am not saying don’t date white women. I’m saying that the culture of black men with extremely large amounts of money (read that as symbols of people’s resources) married to white women at the rate it is represented in actuality will indeed create a pattern of behavior that can and will keep black women and thus black children away from necessary human resources.

Alright, I wrote it…