Poem Number Jay

Let me explain to you playboi
where you scared to go I’m a title holder
Don’t misthink the steps
I was on the steps
thought I could out think the pain
so when it sucked me in
I couldn’t help but start thinking again
I’m thinking again
and letting all my influences speak
like remember the first time you saw a fiend?
and that fiend was the mother of your best…
man, the years as a teen
And they still replicating at least a million people like me
In the environments, what are they selecting?
It’s all random, like the whole world is ran by
godless men who scream that god is kin
i walked through godless life
and made god like my strife
and reach more chakras than you know
and reach into the roots like a hoe
and if that parallel is a problem
then you the problem
I don’t need to hurt to feel fixed
I don’t need a crucifix to feel planet
I meant planted
or maybe my eyes slanted
like I tried to give
but the weeds kept choking
and the rocks wouldn’t move
and a glock didn’t prove
economically sound for me dude
I ain’t no victim
I’m a curse
I tried more than once to ride in that hearse
But I’m still here
still raw
still fresh
still thought
still live
still loud
still wild
still OWL