Preaching To The Choir

Many writers of the academic training strain enjoy the practice of beginning their works with a nice quotation that opens up their piece, article, chapter, or works. There is also a habitude among these fine practitioners of the written way to proceed with an anecdote of some sort that serves as inception of an idea. Being that my brethren and sistren of the paper often treat me like a 1972 Gremlin rolling on a donut with a sun beaten paint job, I’ll open up with a trade secret, give you your damn quote, and follow with some quaint story that will introduce whatever point my title couldn’t.

“We need not lose heart if something does not please someone, for others will appreciate it; nor need their applause turn our head, for there will surely be others to condemn it.” – Balthasar Gracian, Art of Worldly Wisdom

During my early days of thinking I was some sort of activist, I belonged to an organization whose primary function was to organize high school black males into a quasi-military structure while promoting the virtues of phuckwhiteyism(phuck’ whi’ t’ is-m). Not much of a proselytizer for the group at the time, my main source of dissemination came from debating my teachers, and appealing to a small group of my classmates. After a while, I was afforded the ability to simply address the students without having to wrestle with a teacher whose pride wouldn’t allow them to be found in error by someone a third their age. Job security is a beautiful thing, eh?

Now, this particular effort came with its own set of problems, being that I was extremely young and for the most part, still quite immature, and not yet acquainted with high school social norms and politics. However, it taught me something that I have just recently begun to apply to adult life. I was able to entice others into joining the group without the skillful persuasion of most. I didn’t go out seeking anyone to join actually. I simply addressed topics that were on my mind with those who shared like interests.

As I peruse the digital clusterfuck that is the so-called social media, I notice a trend that I have allowed myself to be entangled in. There is a behavior that many of us of the well-read ilk like to display. Namely, debating and disparaging one another if someone doesn’t agree with us. Condescending retorts of the elitist type are bandied back and forth as we venture from addressing the academic into the realm of “fuck you, and that contaminated pussy you fell out of, let’s throw them thangs”. As enjoyable as a round of hurling acrimonious assaults across miles with a person I’d probably be quite endeared by in person can be, it is ultimately destructive in a chaotic sense. While many are claiming that social media is only good for preaching to the choir, that is exactly why it is so beneficial.

As a young man who I had the pleasure of meeting once noted, most of us don’t even know we have a choir to preach to. Those within that choir have family and friends, associates, and colleagues. Critical assessments of the statements of others should be voiced, but at what detriment to those who might be better served through civil discourse versus vitriol? No matter how small one might think their efforts are, it tends to be best to build on what you do have, than to destroy that which is overshadowing your belief in your own work.

The asili is the underlying ideological framework that governs and informs cultural patterns of behavior, loosely defined. The asili of any tool of mass communication in the US, and thus the world is that those who consume can’t control. The idea that is slowing spreading throughout the interweb is that a user can’t be boss. Although this idea is offset by the success of entertainer Soldja Boy(that’s how you spell it.), the popularity of a Tila Tequila or a Justin Bieber, it must be noted that the wide spread notion of many of the users of social media is that it is “just Twitter”, or that it is “just Facebook”. Even more widely miscalculated is the notion that it is “just the web”. As if Google started anywhere but on the internet. As if Amazon started anywhere but the internet. As if social media sites have an existence somewhere off the grid. These are the sorts of thoughts that are necessary in order keep the status quo, the growing digital hierarchy, and frameworks such as “internet as cable” in existence. It is the asili of a corporate technological society. It is that asili that promotes such activities as archiving the updates on Twitter, recording the actions of consumers on Facebook, as well as other privacy violations. It is why Google records our search queries.

Due to those sorts of violations of simple human courtesy, social media is not my base. The Asylum is my base, and only here can I begin to assist in any meaningful way without fear of censor. Social media is simply a beachhead. Social media is the populated network that I set up my post, my ground for introducing the most important matter, The Asylum. Twitter is not Owl’s Asylum. Owl’s Asylum is The Asylum. Being completely practical, the Asylum is still only an extension of the efforts of the man behind the curtain. Ultimately, the thought that created the sun was brighter and more influential than the magnificent orb that we depend so much on.
I make it my business, usually, to see a tool for what I need to accomplish. I tend to use my sledgehammer to destroy or damage things that are in my way, if I were on a construction site, that might be different. Let’s all know where we are and use our tools accordingly.