The Game of “Psyche”(Pronounced “Sike”)

Insecurities happen. I understand that. We are all the bi-product of an energy source that knows not its own origination and is continually being. Now, that sounds really sexy from a Ptah type of perspective, but living in a society, an agreement to allow one another to control one another, that can be a difficult day to day process. It is a process that involves definitions that actually don’t exist outside of acceptance of them. It involves being able to discern when one energy conduit wishes to either destroy you, or attempt to channel you in some direction. It involves fighting thoughts that really are propaganda agents from those energy receptacles that wish to destroy or control you. And those sorts of thoughts might bring friends and form a mental gang, or an ideology within your mind that must be stopped. The duty of the ego is really to be the thought process that protects against such invasions. Of course, the easiest way to stop a god is by calling them such. Once an element allows you to define it, you can begin to control it.

Such definitions rule the society. One of the major disagreements that I have with the populace that defines themselves-or actually have been defined by the oppressing body of this society as “intellectuals”- is that of taking on the standards and behaviors of those that historically have urinated on your leg and called it rain water. As I go schlepping through my usual electromagnetic portals, I read the highly disturbing thoughts of many of my colleagues. I call it “highly disturbing” only because the thoughts are based on the definitions that society has handed them in the form of degrees, and the amount of money they have amassed. I would be a plum damn idiot to define myself by either. And I heard the chuckle of the middle class slave that thinks they are better for the money they have “earned”. I do believe,”Only the broke scream that money isn’t everything” is their shirt’s slogan. I’m not even a part of the machine, so I can’t ever be broke. And to be honest, I have a mind of immense magnetic properties, which makes me more of a resource, than simply resourceful.

In an effort to explain this thought process of definitions, I was appropriately attuned to the energies, and the good Coach(I say “good” not as a moral indicator, but as an adjective that reflects a standard measuring capability) directed my attention to two articles(this one and that one). The articles reference a series of projects being carried out by Virginia’s Fusion Centers, you can read that as the 2010 version of COINTELPRO. The same definitions apply. What is being done is a defining of certain organizations that have ideologies counter to the power structure of the present state as “terrorist”. It is a simple game of “psyche out”. For those who weren’t in class when we were taught to play the game of “psyche”: “psyche” is when you convincingly make a person believe something that simply isn’t true for the purpose of amusement, and sometimes resource appropriation. What the Fusion Centers are doing is reestablishing the elements of the game of “psyche” that they have been playing on Blacks in the United States for centuries.

The centers are highlighting Virginia’s black universities as areas of energy concentration, or nodes, whose energy will attempt to displace those of the current power structure. In the same way that the power brokers of this country once “psyched” the Whites of this country into believing that Blacks were only three-fifths of a human being. Of course, that designation didn’t stop White slave masters from raping Black women. They were only playing “psyche”, sex should never be avoided in a good game of “psyche”. Now, since the original reason for bringing Blacks into this country was to build wealth, and the country has gone from an agrarian society to a technological industrial one, the Blacks need to be “psyched” into a position where they can continue to assist the White power brokers. As it were, the United States global “psyche” game(I do believe you call it “foreign policy”) is one in which the United States is seen as the evolution of the human, the peacekeepers, the humanitarian society and a host of really well played games of “psyche”. That being the case, the good players of the game of “psyche”(I do believe you call them media giants and policy writers) must frame the new definitions of Blacks in such a way that the Blacks can continue to be slaves, but not be slaves. The best game of “psyche” that these players have developed is called the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution.

In this particular game of “psyche”, the Power brokers have established a hidden clause(you always have to establish a hidden clause for a good game of “psyche” to work at its most refined degree). Let us read the amendment, and see if you can find the hidden clause:

Thirteenth Amendment, Section 1:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Did you catch it? Did you see how cunning the writers of this piece were? Regardless of if you did or didn’t, I’m through with this article.


What we have is a clause that allows for slavery, or involuntary servitude as a punishment for crime. What that leads to is the same thing that Thomas Jefferson did in his Virginia notes,(did you catch the parallel?), namely, he justified slavery by “psyching” everybody out to believe that Blacks were less than human. He just wrote it, afterwards, complete manuals and fields of study cropped up from the world’s best “psyche players”(I think you call them leading scientists). And so now, the great psyche players of our day(I think you call them the FEDS) have created means to “psyche” everybody into thinking that Blacks are not only savages(see the game of “psyche” played by D. W. Griffith), not only criminal(see the game of “psyche” played by J. Edgar Hoover), but now they are also terrorists. “Psyching” the US population into believing that Black campuses are nodes for terrorist organizations allows the Power Brokers to implement their other “psyche” strategies, namely, the one where you are labeled as an enemy combatant and enslaved, whoops, I meant “incarcerated”(wink wink) for the rest of your life.

As a one time professional “psyche”-ologist(didn’t need a degree to be “psyched” into knowing what a “psychologist” really is), I would immediately recommend the mark(that’s the gullible subject being “psyched” out) ask them Selves a series of questions relating to the information being given to them.

Always consider the source. Who is giving you your information regarding your world view? Who is defining your definitions? What is their reputation? What is their history with regards to the present information being given? What is their history with you?

Always fact check. Where did the source find this information? How plausible is the information? For example, in 2010, which black campus is spending more time planning a national overthrow of the elite versus having greek step shows and “who can imitate Waka Flocka the best” contests? These are very important queries to raise.

Know who is renting space in your mind, and know who is invading your thought process.

We’ll end here for now…

“NO psyche”..