Religion and Maiming in Nigeria

So, where does religion begin to fall in place with politics? I was initially shocked when i read Chancellor Williams state that even the Kimitians(the ancient Egyptians) used religion as a tool for control. Over my many years, I have been baptized and taken the kalima shahada, fasted for three days, and have experienced a few initiations into religious systems. Fortunately, I’ve never had to bear having either of my limbs hacked off for a belief.
While most of us are simply challenged because of our beliefs, in Nigeria there is a violent outbreak of religious intolerance. According to a local human rights activist Gregory Yenlong, “Fulani herdsmen…They attacked those villages and killed well over 300 people..” Witnesses mention that one victim was less than 3 months old. It weakens my soul to read these words, and realize that a cities of black people are going to war with each other over beliefs that were established by other ethnic nationals to buttress their political cohesiveness.
The acting president Goodluck Jonathan has sent in the military to attempt to stave off the violent turmoil, but his authority is still in question in that land. It is not certain whether the violence will be quelled but my spirit is with those unable to believe as they choose without bearing upon themselves horrid examples of a people blind with religious fervor and no hope for humanity.