This is a poem written by our good brother, A. Jarrel Hayes(@ajh_writes and @ajh_books on twitter). He is a long time supporter of Asylum, and we show all of our Asylum brethen and sistren love, and eternal gratitude for blessing Asylum with this marvelous piece.


She is the model of black beauty:
Lips, full and juicy,
A bronze casing over her body,
Eyes sparkling like jewels of the Nile,
The world brightened and warmed whenever she smiles.
Her ethereal form floats above
Me and clings to me
By way of her soul’s beauty.
So time and space can never dim
The loveliness of this lady; within
Her lies a gem as precious and bright
As what one views with his sight.
I gaze upon her, I am purified,
And the blackness within myself
Is no longer vilified.

By A. Jarrell Hayes
From the collection To Woman, From Man, coming December 1st 2010 to and

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