The Brother @Ahbseenkwestion has once again blessed Asylum with a definition of Skyline for those that either don’t know, or think they know. His works can be found at

Above the clouds of confusion, conformity, comfortable convolution, complicity and collusion,we have a different gathering. An accumulation which can not be described as cumulus or nimbostratus. A group of elevated thinkers contributing to the strange lights in the skies above social media. A league of cerebral soldiers conscripted by the Universal Mind and led by their souls into the war of awakening. We are the Skyline.

Agreed, there are a multitude of characters to encounter in cyberspace. (Images of that bar with the alien band jamming in Star Wars come to mind.) You have varying degrees of intellect, consciousness and concerns. You have the imposition of elitist beliefs, thinly veiled senses of entitlement and overall empathetic shells. You have unapproachable celebrities, celebrity types and the overly common deranged egoist. You have the loyal followers, the easily influenced and impressionable, the bootlickers, brown nosers and the pets. You have the agent provocateurs, attention seekers, opportunists and content chasers. You also have the regular people in search of entertainment and lighthearted pass times. Then you have us.

Our goals and objectives differ from our contemporaries because we use social media as
a conduit for promoting change and raising awareness. We facilitate our pursuits by being examples of originality and offering reference points in the form of content weighted with integrity. That content is distributed like raindrops or snow. It is precipitated from on high. Not in a superior way as much as from a vantage point that offers the clearest aim at a given target.

Our varying precipitations serve the function of alarms in the minds of those that are in a deep sleep. A people under the Spell of Kingu and being victimized by American Inception. As surely as I coined the term Skyline, I have labeled this metaphysically militant campaign the War of Awakening. I couldn’t think of a more proficient anchoring description of our agenda; our mission. We are the things that go bump in the sky (mind). We are here to be awakened and to bring others into the up-righteousness of being conscious of ones potential, potency and purpose.

We are pneumatic adrenaline syringes burrowed in the digital veins of a beast that our
predecessors could not accurately foresee. We pump the positive propaganda through the people and attempt to flush out the poisons prescribed by our perverted oppressors; the initiators and architects of our inception. We are aware of the war we are engaged in and never lose sight of our POWs or our oppositions trigger fingers. We are above it so we can see who’s behind it and under the influence of it. That is Skyline. We are Skyline.

We not only ride the winds of change, we direct them where needed. We clear the clouded path for the light of the most high to shine clearly into the minds of the people which have been converted to catacombs and confused for bedrooms. We rain on the dust storms aroused by modern media and quench the intellectually and spiritual droughts perpetuated by the education system and the organized religions. We hurl enlightening bolts and coral thunderous thoughts. We are Skyline.

We are a network of individuals, blogs and businesses devoted to acquiring the best for those who have been reserved the worst. We are the first placed last but lasted long enough to reclaim our place in first. We are Skyline.

We beckon you to come up. We implore you to elevate. We try to inspire you to get intimate with the higher you. We encourage to look down only when helping others up. We beg of you to raise your frequency. We empower and arm you with the blueprint for a free mind; the weaponry most effective against our common foe. We dare our enemies to learn to fly, so they might lose to us in the sky. We are Skyline. We are more than a cute hashtag or a hip term for the conscious community. We are digital revolution in the form of metaphysical elevation.

Deal with us.