Tea Party Terrorist: Just Another Grand Ole Party?

During the Health Care Debate, a virulent set of white terrorists has emerged. The Tea Party campaign is nothing if not persistent, and yet their language and behavior is nothing short of terrorism. Terrorism in that it is political, it has a political agenda, and the group is targeting political representatives with violence in order to enact change. They are also using racially tinged acrimony to further their movement.

We have seen the likes of this right-wing behavior before. We all can remember when the President Barrack Obama was called a terrorist and a muslim during his campaign. We recall the rage that was being fomented by Sarah Palin, who has become one of the more pronounced ring-leaders of this terror unit. The fact that the media has yet to address the illegal behavior in such manner is telling. I have to bring to your attention this country’s dangerous practice of protecting all things white, and demonizing all acts that are non-white.

The conservative white US citizen has been allowed to terrorize town hall meeting after town hall meeting, with no more than a slap on the wrist, and heavy news coverage. While the media attempts to make Vice President Joe Biden’s possible slip of the tongue a major story, they seem to be downplaying the racially demoralizing comments of the Tea Party. It would seem that their(the tea party) attacks on the Health Care Bill is no more than a half cocked excuse to spew hatred for all things non-white. In the mix of this terroristic behavior, democratic elected officials are being targeted for actual violence.

I am troubled this country’s repeated show of double standards toward the white US terrorist. These people are no more than enemy combatants that should be incarcerated indefinitely. Their determined aggression is nothing short of treasonous, and they only soil the already feces and urine stained fabric of US society. What is this country waiting for, civil war? When the media address these savages as the terrorist organization that they are? While the intelligence agencies of this country are busy tapping our phones and studying our social networking practices, faking yet another Bin Laden Sex tape, there is a real clear and present danger being allowed to grow in our back yards.

As the American Blacks of this country have to debate whether we should be counted by an insensitive census bureau, which may offset statistic reporting for the next five years, terrorists are being catered to. Where are the gang units that ravage the American Black community in the communities of those who threaten law makers? Where are the phone tap reports of these terror cells? Why has the right-wing media not been to taken to account for their anti-democratic, anti-US demagoguery? Muslim clerics aren’t allowed to speak, but conservative wing nuts are promoting violence on this soil as though it were their religion. The insidious death threats towards the President and government officials through social networking sites, blogs, and the like are a part of a cohesive ideology designed to instill fear in those whose political ideas and racial make up are different. That is the definition of terrorism.