“The Fucks Your Problem?”

ART is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions.

SCIENCE is comprehensive information on any subject, but the word is especially used for information about the physical universe.

I don’t know.

Like most people, much of my daily musings and ruminations center around the question of Life’s purpose for me. We all should act in a manner that is consistent with what we would like to achieve here in the multiverse, Life, existence, whatever, and in that expression of free will, we ought to develop an understanding of our particular set of traits and patterns of opportunity. Our particular social rhthym should be highly studied once it has developed strongly enough not to alter once we begin to observe it. Continuing…

I said all that because I just made a statement on twitter that sort of shook me. I simply said, “Check out a few of my pieces of artistic science here: http://jayfarand.deviantart.com/”. In that statement, the use of the term “artistic science” caused me to think a bit about how I put words together. Even more so when I’m discussing myself at a very honest pitch. It would be extremely naive of me to think that those moments of clarity don’t come with a more macrocosmic understanding of the totality of what is “J. Farand” or “Owl” as you know me. I don’t fear death any more than I fear being late on a bill payment. It is not something I want, but if it happens…*Imhotep shrug*. What I do know about accepting the reality of death, and the reality of anything really, is that you are better able to deal with it. If no one were to accept death, then the whole field of cryonics would be null and void. Read that again.

In order to even cheat death, you have to first accept the reality of death. That is true for most things we run from. In accepting death, you can begin to plan in a more mature fashion. You can begin to assess your purpose for living on earth better. I will not be here forever. No matter how much I respect the process of growth and learning, I DON’T have all damn day. I have to scientifically assess what the hell I’m doing here before I get my chance to roast marshmallows with my friends in hell. The scientific process of assessing purpose is no different than any other process. We make a hypothesis andd we experiment with that hypothesis, we observe that which has been hypothesized in various conditions while controlling for one particular condition.

1. We make an assumption about why we are here.

2. We make note of how that assumption holds true through various situations, while remembering that each circumstance is different, therefore must be compared to more normal conditions.

3. Remember that the observer alters the observered in a very real way.

4. Rewind and repeat…

We all have things that have interested us on this path. We all have found reasons to do the things we have done. But how many of us have dedicated our lives to something until death? I have yet to find something that exists in this multi-dimensional place we call the universe that doesn’t serve a purpose for something else that exists in this universe. The universe itself is the organism that we are simply cells, possibly simply protoplasts, of. But my body creates and manages my cellular society in such a way that each cell created has purpose and is purposeful. If my small portion of mind, the portion of my own mind and body that I am often unaware of, unconscious of, can do this for me, what am I that the mind of the universe has done for something much bigger? What are you the cell of that needed you to exist?

Purpose. Nia.

For me, these ruminations and musings allow the clarity to be defined as a purpose. If I name it, I’m keeping that name to myself, until the world gives me a name because I can no longer contain my life’s purpose within myself. Similar to a practice of the elders. I plan on taking the two names and owning them both. I think you should do the same.

Be a little confident in your hypothesis of your life’s purpose.

In the American Black culture, we name a thing by its actuality. Sometimes based on an event, physical characteristics, attributes in actions, or behavioral quirks. This is not something isolated to our particular section of pan-afrikan culture, these are the practices of our elders that have even been lost in most of the cultures that exist today raised on the continent of Afrika proper. The purpose of the American Black has always been to remind humanity of what evil incarnate looks like in thought and in deed. We are the children of people who were sold by the rich and mighty. We are the children of people were maimed, raped, sliced open during pregnancy, forced by law to be illiterate and we are still affected by that trauma. No other people in the known history of seven continents has our story. None has our purpose. No other ethnic or cultural grouping of black afrikan descendants has our story. None. We as a people have a great purpose in Life’s scheme. And so do you…