The Heartbreak of Black Americans Not Understanding Kola Boof and Ayaan Hirsi Ali By @KolaBoof

WHY would a Black woman from North Africa who names Malcolm X and Alice Walker as two of the greatest inspirations and influences of her life so fiercely defend American-sponsored White Jewish Israel and seemingly neglect the horrific oppression of the poor brown Palestinians?


This question, consistently hurled at me (often with irritation and hostility) by Black American activists supporting Palestine, made July of 2014 one of the loneliest and most difficult moments in my life.


I love no one more than I love the Black Americans. They are the tribe that saved my life by adopting and nurturing me. Since age 8, the Black American community in Anacostia Park, S.E. Washington D.C. raised me to be who I am today—an internationally acclaimed novelist, poet and television writer whose work strongly espouses my pride in being African, Black and a Woman; a freedom fighter for the indigenous people of my two birth nations, Sudan and Egypt; an ardent Womanist/Feminist critical thinker…and…a wife, mother, gardener and professional cook. Since first arriving in America in December, 1979 I’ve certainly experienced many moments of culture shock and divided vision with Black Americans. But the war Hamas inflicted on Israel is the first time that I was ever estranged and firmly on the opposite side of any political or sociological issue from Black Americans. I actually had to watch as White Arab Muslims in Libya who own black Libyans as slaves were having their complaints about “Islamophobia” ‘retweeted’ on Twitter by Black Americans. To experience that level of disconnection was very damaging to my mind and soul. And please don’t get me wrong—obviously, there are many Black Americans who support Israel. American Blacks are no more monolithic than any other tribe of people. But the Black American family, community and circle of friends that I come from are highly activist-minded, political and passionately identify with the Arab Sijil-Taqiyya (who in 1948 began calling themselves Palestine and Palestinians) as some kind of extension of themselves—a brown-skinned people unfairly oppressed by powerful Whites.



The two paragraphs you just read are the opening chapter of my new book “UNDEFEATED: A North African Writer’s Support for Israel.” You have to get the book to read the rest, but in essence, I was so demonized and despised by Black Americans for not supporting Arab Sijil-Taqiyya (Palestinians) that I, as the descendent of North African slaves felt I needed to write an depth book explaining the history of Blacks in the Arab Islamic world and why so many of us from Francis Bok to Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Mende Nazer (“I Am Slave” on Netflix) and Kola Boof….have an entirely different world view than most Black American Activists. What you see as ‘brown brothers’ are seen by us as The KKK, the Skinheads of our territory.


The history behind that needs to be in a book. The average Black American “Free Palestine” activist will talk all day about “ISRAELI RACISM” without ever telling why Black Muslims are running to Israel in droves to be called “nigger” given a check for $3,000 instead of be enslaved, castrated or massacred in one of the Arab Muslim nations that surround Israel. The Arab Muslim societies are the most brutal and racist in the entire language of African outsider relations. They enslaved over 1 Billion of my ancestors over a period of 1,400 years and they continue to enslave the nation of Mauritania, to castrate and enslave black men in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and in Palestine. These are facts that Black American Activists could easily research and find out at least some small part of. But as a Half-Arab woman who was born Sunni Muslim, I felt it my duty to write the story our tima way, from the way we feel it in Nilotic North Africa.


I always wanted to go deep with my experiences living in Israel twice. I became a very successful model in Israel in 1994. I lived in the Black community there and was extremely happy. In the book, I interviewed over 40 Black Americans who have lived in Israel for the last 30 years. They were insulted when I told them how Black Americans view Israel. One of the Black women said: experience of Blacks in Israel. They roll their eyes. Nicole Wade says, “Naw girl, there’s too many crackers in America. Are Sisters and Brothers in America willing to defect from America because of racists in Ferguson? Why should I leave Israel when I have everything I want over here? The cops are virtual clansmen in the U.S. I’ll stay in Israel where it’s cool. Lauryn Hill is performing in Israel in a few weeks. I am going to that!”


A Black American Muslim man living in Israel had even more explosive things to say about why he will never support any Arab Muslim government. MISS ISRAEL (who is a Black Ethiopian woman) was just one of many Black Ethiopians living in Israel who say they’re confused by Black Americans thinking Israel is so racist. And of course, Israel has the best Gay-Lesbian-Trans culture in the world. They are not executed like they are over the border in the Arab nations. In Israel, nobody asks why Trans people are serving in the military. The PRIDE parades and the job market are infinitely superior to America when you look at the rights Gay-Lesbian-Trans enjoy in Israel.
Black Americans have a totally propagandist view of Israel that is untrue. So I wrote my book to show them what it’s really like (good and bad) to live there on a day to day basis. As I say in the book, Tel-Aviv is my paradise. It is my second home. Meanwhile, every time I’ve travelled to Palestine, I was reminded that “wife-beating” is legal there; the execution of homosexuals is mandatory there; blacks are openly called ‘abeed’ on the streets (as dream Hampton recently found out during her visit to Palestine)….and worst of all, everywhere I went in Palestine (and do not forget, my mother tongue is Egyptian Arabic so I hear things that many Black Americans can’t hear)…but everywhere I went, the restaurants and hotels were asking me, “Would you like to sell yourself to us, dear sister? We need a new slave to run the kitchen!” Because that is how extremely poor Dinka girls and boys get their positions in Palestine—they become ‘property slaves’ (without pay) at venues in exchange for food and basement space. Many Dinka girls work in private homes as sex slaves—many were sold by their own fathers. And though many Black American activists are quick to claim Palestine is too poor to be running slaves…let me remind you of FACTS. First off, over 17,000 Palestinians are multi-millionaires. Second, radio host Joe Madison, former head of the NAACP, travelled to my country, Sudan, in the 1990’s and went to countries like North Sudan, Egypt, Palestine and Libya where he purchased ‘South Sudanese Dinka Slaves’ for $14 a head and then brought them back to South Sudan and set them free.


Bryant Gumble who used to host the TODAY SHOW on NBC did an entire piece on slavery of black boys in the Gulf States. There is a video on Youtube that shows White Arab Muslims keeping Black Muslims in the public ZOO. There is also a video showing black male slaves in YEMEN being castrated and turned into eunuchs. There are videos on Youtube showing Black women performing the slave dance rituals that will make them sex slaves. There is a world of information about this fact…but Black Americans, who were owned by White Christians for five hundred years, tend to see everything as Whites are demonic, Brown people are angels. It’s camel shit. Brown brothers enslave Black people and always have. They are one hundred times worse to deal with than any racist White Israeli, which is the reason Black Muslims run to Israel in droves. The Israelis are more humane than the Arabs. As Black refugees, the Israelis give each of us a check for $3,000 each time we get kicked out of Israel. With that we go back to Sudan and build a house or a school or a store.


Black American activists really do not understand the “Sub-cultural oppression” and the “Sub-history” of Black people living in the Arab Muslim Empire. The Arab Muslims make over 1 Trillion a year off North African land. They not only run our nations in North Africa, they steal our oil. Not a cent goes into a Black person’s hand. The airports in West African cities like Accra and Dakar—that money goes to ARABS in Saudi Arabia. The same people who used Black ‘forced labor’ to build the city of Dubai.


We had a real genocide in Sudan that wiped out 4 million Black Africans. Arab Soldiers and the murahaleen tossed screaming, crying black babies by one foot into raging bonfires. The mothers were forced to watch. Did my idol Alice Walker or any Black Americans show up to express outrage at how Arab Muslim governments were employing ‘Black Muslim militias’ to slaughter and enslave and murder indigenous Cushitic Sudani families so that the Arabs could build oil wells on tribal lands?


And when Saudi Arabia threw out 2 million Ethiopian citizens in 2013 and left them to starve and die in the desert (or come to Saudi Arabia offering themselves as slaves)—did you hear a single Black American Activist reporting and going off about that the way they attack Israel? NO. Just like you won’t hear them discussing the fact that Palestine, Puerto Rico, France, Belgium, Mexico and the United States….all sterilize Black women. The Palestinians have been sterilizing Dinka girls and women since the 1950’s. But nobody asks us who from North Africa about the history and who is who. Nobody who is Black American apparently reads Ayaan Hirsi Ali to get a balanced understanding of what is going on in the middle east.


I wrote my book to defend ISRAEL with the facts and the truth.


I wrote my book so that those who are intelligent and actually care about their sisters and brothers in North Africa and East Africa can come to understand that strategically—and please note that I’m speaking STRATEGY here and not liking someone—but it would better for African nations to align with those who will empower us tangibly and not just with words.


Because of Israel arming the South Rebel army….South Sudan was able to become an independent nation. I met with Netanyahu myself to plead for guns, ammunition, medicine, shoes and food for the South Sudanese (I am North Sudanese, Half-Arab). In 2002, a U.N. report announced that the government of Sudan had issued an order that I be beheaded. You can GOOGLE that report. In 2003, Netanyahu featured me on his website.


Today, Uganda and Rwanda have become friends with Israel. They now have solar powered apartment lodging for their displaced people and their armies are being built back up. Now contrast that with the policy of Arab Muslim nations that forbid Black African nations to be armed by any Arab Muslim power.


Did you read that statement? The Arab Muslims want to run Africa; rob us of our wealth, but they don’t want to allow us to build armies or have any infrastructure. This is how they keep us Colonized. And Black American activists who blindly support and play ‘water boy’ for the Brown Arab Muslims are in selling out Africa and keeping horrific “dark ages” theologies governing and abusing us in daily life. Islam eradicates true African culture and gives us Male Supremacy brutality and psychological oppression—it was illegal for me to eat meals with my birth father in Sudan; it was illegal for women to laugh at men; I witnessed a White Arab woman burned alive for producing six daughters in a row but failing to produce a son. I witnessed untold savage racism against fellow Nilotic Black Africans and my Uncle, a Mandori tribesman, was kicked to death by Palestinian refugees in Port Sudan when he was promoted to ‘Foreman’ over them. They announced they would not work under ‘abeed’ (slave) and had always referred to my Uncle (to his face) as Haratin (nigger).


I have been, against my will (some call it ‘sex slave’) of Osama Bin Laden, and I was the willing mistress of Osama’s mentor, Hasan al-Turabi, Vice President of Sudan. I have a great deal of knowledge.


These are the reasons that I wrote “UNDEFEATED: A North African Writer’s Support of Israel” by Kola Boof. Intelligent people who are interested in the truth will get themselves a copy. But I warn you, the book is very graphic (including photos of a Black man in jail with his hand being chopped off) and is not for younger people under 18.