The Kat Stacks thing…

That’s what hot in the streets huh?

Niggas slapping women for other niggas huh?

Is them cats even on the payroll?

I can’t condone that shit. Really doe.

Yeah…alright….I was a muthacking knucklehead for most of my life. Did a lot shit I’ll take to the grave, and even the shit I reveal ain’t kosher. And it ain’t fucking it is what it is. You got women bigging these sava…man…these niggas ain’t no savages. I don’t even want to disrespect the fucking savages on this one. Nigga how you mad that a woman said something about another man? How is that gangsta? The fuck? My gotdamn stomach is turning watching that bullshit. I tried to avoid it as long as I could, but the link got shipped to me with a bow around it.

I’m so fucking tired of the street shit. I am. You just don’t know how fucking desperately I want this culture to fucking disappear. Muthafuckas ask me why I tried to kill myself. I got tired of seeing that nigga in the mirror. Yeah…that’s a little beyond the avatar, I know.

That was just fucking disgusting. It had no place in society. I’m living hustle to hustle, and you got people with money living like that. You fucking humans are losing it again. You’ve taken the NWA thing way too fucking far. Male rulership is homosexual by nature. And you lames are proving it. No disrespect to my homosexual following…