The Lawd Is My Savior, I Shall Not Think…

So, I’ve been working with various contractors via this temporary service that I’ll be nice enough to remain hursh hursh about, right? And this morning, while waiting for an assignment to come through, several of the other regular laborers decided to have a discussion on,”The Lawd”. Now, I don’t have any concerns with Afkan people politicing about spirituality in a way that causes me to join in, although I do realize for most of the militant persuasion, introverted responses to anything is akin to cowardice. Yet, I decided to sit this one out and simply observe. Now, my initial issue with the manner in which we handle spirituality, or whatever ‘new age’ or popular psychology term needed to bring forth understanding here, is that of accountability within the sphere of thought and near draconian conservative authoritarianism in the realm of action. Let me explain.


There were two brothers and an older sister discussion government. The sister claims that discussions of government are ‘of the world’. Obviously, from the nature of her tone, being ‘of the world’ is a thing that one shouldn’t be of. She further insists that all things should be left in the hands of the lord. Alright. Now, I’m not here to dispute religion, but, I find it difficult to know when how responsibility is ever placed. Whenever a good thing occurs, “thank the lord, this is a blessing”; whenever an undesirable turn of events strikes, “thank the lord, this is how he wanted it to be”. There is also this defeatism that strikes me as extremely dangerous especially for lower working class people in faltering economy. The group went on to discuss ‘riches and wealth’ as NOT being a blessing. The idea, once again, is that material gains and resources are ‘of the world’. In my mind, this is a cop out. This is someone’s subconscious reflecting on the struggle demanded to obtain power(hell, a simple livelihood) in an economy with an obscenely disproportionate wealth distribution and clothing the retreat in spiritual symbols.


On the flip of that, the moral code demanded of this religious profession doesn’t represent a similar liberal scope on life. I can respect the hedonistic transitory actions of someone that subscribes to one of these new age philosophies. In my thinking, at least they are actually enjoying life and not just screaming jubilee because they’ve been commanded to scream it by some distant ethereal being. I don’t take issue with the discipline or submission to authority. I take issue when that discipline is demanded without a requisite gratification. I’m not on Earth to honor dead deities waiting for their resurrection number to be called again with immobility disguised as asceticism. Part of my discipline is a gratification of self-control, sure, but I’m not the idealistic masochist I may have been in a former life. In fact, I’m much more the utilitarian, and if my prayers aren’t answered, I stop praying; if my discipline isn’t for a purpose of resource, then I label that act one in vain.


Once again, these are my thoughts, not sure who else thoughts I’d be typing, but for some reason people forget that and effective communication deems it necessary that I remind you all. I’m of the disposition that your choices are yours and unless the defenseless are involved or you are violating me and mine, I don’t feel the need to impose officious behavior in the name of being socially responsible. I do my best to serve against oppression of others in my own ways, but if you are oppressing your Self, I’ve learned through experience, spiritual nuts are hard to crack. That is not to alienate any of my loyal readers that might be religious zealots. It is to say that be critical of all that you do and understand in a painfully honest manner the trajectory of not only your actions but the thoughts that guide them.

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