Thirty Days of Poetry Challenge(Day Five(2012))

From ground to the outer bounds
we are the motion of the Kundalini
wrapping and warping the wire
Our entire soul’s solar powered backbone
while I inspire their desire to never
retire until all their options are entirely expired
they expose my soul to treasure troves
as I live vicariously through their successful moments
Hegel’s diagram of layered twists begin to unfold
for what I do for them is an open hand
a circuitry recharged as they engrave electro-spiritual
verses that reimburse my archetypical template’s depleted purse
bursting fires spiral through psychological firmaments
level after rising level
now nursing my discomforting slump against a wall
in my foxhole while I fulfill my point on this wheel
organically orienting them through socio-magnetic osmosis
my open circle coursing circle within circles circling us
and carrying we higher…