Thirty Days Of Poetry Challenge(Day One(2012))

Born in this society
hostile to its arrangements
so innate is the awareness,
they have to sedate the babies
Crucial, but where is the conflict?
predetermined violence,
channeled selective tribalism
what is authentic?
when “real” actually implies being dishonest?
there’s a different tune
being played in God’s world
and the world of the super yet natural
But men only kill over myth-laced statutes
passive scientists don’t murder over the factual
hope you enjoy the balance
it is sad and laughable
my pen bleeds the blood I didn’t sell
observations of a free cell I write
wondering why we take advice
from younger cultures
that borrowed our light
(and still aren’t getting it right)
sometimes, yesterday isn’t worth the memory
I recite silent lessons with my eyes
but the youth keep looking away
prison movies made most of us afraid to take
any thing of value
without asking for pay
I scribe poetic lines
because I’ve forgotten how to pray
or stuck alone with self and too much to say
Same thing said, correct?
And for that I’m still hopeful…