Thirty Days of Poetry(Day 2)

Peep the problem is college
but not knowledge
Murder for the money
but not industry
see the symmetry
see the vanishing lines
if he be socialist
he be ‘ist’ for the social…
get it?
it’s been official
divided consciousness
twelve divided houses
while the goyim beg us
for layers of distrust
conditioned day one to enter existence
met with resistence
the athletes fight entertain or kill for the politicians
the intellegents forever lies

They Sowed the seeds like Johnny
But they Short CIrcuited our Five
The only book is the master’s design
Every rapper got a battle line
piece meal backbone like a spine
gave us a mind
like scarecrow,
but where is King?
dreams are not what you think.
scripts to follow
codes to enact
words to train and raise into mores
consumer security for the tenth teir though,
they sold us the building blocks of our mind like leogs

What I know
U know
We know

LET it GO…