Thirty Days of Poetry(Day 3)

Why don’t I believe in YOU?
Or He, or She, Hell, even IT…
Power is essence
Romantic gestures of elements
Changing shapes like mystic scripts
But behind our most transparent sentences
is the truth
look beyond what’s unable to look beyond you
see what you are hidden from,
when you are hiding you?
Where is the security god or guard at?

In Haiti, innocence is being raped
at the price of rent…
in the corner of a homemade tent.
When the western powers are gang-raping the planet,
Where is the supernatural? Outside or in?

Why do I need personality when I recieve a spiritual salary?
Why should I bow down and pray to your jealous lord?
Don’t I have enough dealing with being Black and poor?
Instead I should employ a God battling its own insecurity war?

Man, fuck it and fuck you too

But before you do,
please explain to me why genocide is religion’s beau?