Thirty Days of Poetry(Day Eight)

you believe in gods that make men…
I believe in men that make gods…
I have no need to scream jihad
i witnessed the ways and means my elders died
a slave for money or a slave of myths
why be man, woman or child?
civilization where humans behave wild
lies told to enslave minds wholesale
where we agree:no soul, freedom or bail…
wholeness and the Media Influenced order
droughts in the middle of oceans with no borders…
disorderly watchmen, but who are you watching over?
lord give us these daily skies
and give our evolved wing children the breath to fly
remove me my nightly dreams of past survival lessons
take from those who trespass against our progression
severed heads as justice, forgiveness after processions
help us teach the impossible and the unseen
through more than dubious laws and beliefs unquestioned
bless them by reminding self of SELF
divinity is only divinity
no separation of finite shells and eternal reality
you believe in gods that make men…
i believe in men that make gods…