Thirty Days of Poetry(Day Nine)

I am not one with god, nor one of god
I am that I am
part and parcel, not quite
try: it and all that
try: you only witness what I allow you too
westernized inside your mind
divided by definitions of space and time
minimized by ghetto designs
i am fine divinty
the more honestly
the more pure the powder of the power ‘WE’
in my likeness
i write these verbal elixers
take a sip or a snort
find false figments of your heart
and go to war with it
leave the world a little different
join my cause and have fun with it
still i’m poor and righteous
like clarence
assassinated in that elevator
because he was elevating…
he was the elevator
i write for hell’s natives
no longer looking for the answer
still figuring out the right questions
principles that life’s suggesting…