Thirty Days of Poetry(Day Six)

Her name was Capitalism
and she drove me insane.
The way she ran her name
across everything from
medicine to sun shades
from the sublime to the man made
from the sacred to the secular
in fact, everything she touched
became impure
i was cool with that
my innocence was gambled on a crush
made a deal with god and got crossed
better than winning with the devil
i’d suppose
in the land of the lost
capitalism seduces our souls
by draping us in branded clothes
like i need another rich white man’s name
tatooed on my soul
the beautiful charms of a woman unexposed
can be tarnished by dolce and gabana shades
under head garment rolls
no matter how traditional
i don’t want no dashikis designed by polo
but my soul’s fast and my mind’s slow
capitalism got me,
dragging me by my nose
laughing at me and my ideals
whispering,”they only like you
when everybody that is somebody
has approved your seal…”

dirty bitch…