Thoughts On New Media Marketing

As I begin to legitimately run a successful freelance web development company, J. Farand, LLC, while also continue to grow this Asylum, I’m becoming more and more aware of the strategies implemented by others in this era. From watching Sean Parker, Mark Zuckerberg, and a host of young entrepreneurial talents, I’ve learned one very practical bit of advice: unlearn everything you’ve been told fast. Now, often in the Black “conscious” social sector we are able to perceive the limitations of the academic instruction. And although I totally agree with that, and have a lot of reason to speak critically to the concepts that were thrust upon me in undergrad, I also believe that common advice needs to be carefully scrutinized as well. Things simply change. And yes, in many ways the more they change, the more they stay static, however, with the growing number of changes we are seeing, the only thing remaining constant is human behavior. I say that in the kindest fashion(okay, I’m lying). The fact of the matter is that no one is successfully using conventional methods to the higher degrees of financial freedom. Risk taking has become the norm for those that truly want to achieve independence from money troubles.

Now, much of this is heavily bandied about, yet, within that large fray of words like narrowcasting, target markets, networking, and the like, I would like to introduce a new term: market inundation. Now, inundation sounds like saturation, but these terms are different for a reason. Saturation is typically used to refer to a decrease of market value based on over supply. Inundation refers to bombardment: think Apple Ipod. At the present, we are all being saturated with information. Information was once the prized possession of the initiated. Albeit, much of the esoteric data still remains hidden from what one might refer to as the layman, much more is easily accessible. What this does is creates a lack of appreciation for the data. However, it reverses the trend of disdain for those that can present the information in entertaining ways. Who do we want to hear the information being spewed from a refined celebrity intellectual such as Cornell West, Michael Eric Dyson or a more academic type? With information being a more accessible commodity, entertainment becomes a more valued staple. This might be one of the reasons that blogging is being pushed to the side by marketers in favor of doing video promotions: people are saturated with data, and reading has become skimming, and many people would rather listen or watch someone make them laugh(or cry) versus utilizing the web as a means to educate via the written word. Data has gone from a devalued position because of its inaccessible nature, to something devalued simply because anyone can get online and research for them Selves. It is as though Noah’s Flood has become Noah’s overflow of data.