Thoughts On New Media Marketing

What works and what won’t work has changed:

For me, an internet content provider, the door to door approached to sales is archiac. Passing out flyers is out dated. It is a good method of presenting my Self as a person willing to go beyond the computer screen, yet as an effective means to distribute my url and brand, I give it two thumbs down. I can’t create the inundation of Owl’s Asylum that I can with Twitter. No possible way in this market. I don’t even believe it is a good means for networking. I would compare it to passing out your business card, a necessity, but typically not a conversion method.

We simply live in the age of the personal brand. Even gloabl giants like Google and Facebook are clothed in the story of the personages that developed these companies. We have come to crave the social elements of the business. Socializing via the net allows you to inundate without causing others to feel awkard. In the Black community, our mantra of “hip” and “cool” will be forced to the back burner as more and more of our people who can’t fit the stereotypical mold begin to emerge on the scene via social media. We’ve already seen the homeless embrace the technology as a means of expressing them Selves. And while a sizeable portion of those I’ve researched state the need to create brands with minimal openness and candor, I tell the Black content provider the exact opposite: inundation works! Even with all that I have expressed about my life, most people still need to ask me questions! Regardless of what the experts might say, people do want to know if Owl crushes crackers in his salad, or uses croutons!