Thoughts On New Media Marketing

Another misconception that I’ve run into is the “target market.” Yes, I do most of pieces and updates with the Black Professional or Educated Woman, age 18 to 54 in mind. Yet, I can boast of a sizeable White Woman audience as well. An audience that I also have to consider and cater to. Asylum is a diverse place, an equal insanity respecting operation, if you will. This marketing a bit more mature than just attempting to narrowly place my business in a pigeon hole. Ask your Self this question: What is Google’s target market? What is Facebook’s? The world, right? Don’t get bombarded by slick word play: you have to have a demographic before you can target one or you wind up missing very loyal supporters. We’ve seen this failure with Tommy Hilfiger once already.

As I am still developing this business via praxis and theory, I don’t want to spend too much time here, but I will continue to write about this, as well as show you what I mean by inundating a market. If you have any questions, please present them in the comments, thank you!