Turning Love Around

I know it has been awhile since I’ve shared any poetry on The Asylum, and I’m not going to at the moment. *Smiles* What I would like to do is post some of my sister’s poetry. This is from J_Love5, now this sister has been down with The Asylum since when I was sleeping keyboards in school, so please be warm…

she was a young girl..
not in age..
but in mind..
see.. tho she was indeed
one of a kind
was mentally
and internally..
not able to see.. feel..
or knowing her own worth..
so day by day..
she sought
love of self from others
who didnt care..
nor shared…
who knew nothing of
her value.
many nights..
she felt alone
slowly.. killing herself..
man after..
to penetrate.. her..
leaving her in a
crashing whirlwind.
self destructing
breaking down…
pain drenching tears..
but her nights were always filled
with the comfort of knowing…
for one night..
he held her..
though never in his heart..
he held her..
and thats all she ever wanted..
to be wanted..
if only for a night.
but the pain she felt soon
her need to be wanted..
she needed love..
love of.. herself..
she needed to see
her true worth..
worthy of…respect…
and all of that she could ever dream
she looked in the mirror one day..
and wanted to truly see..
freeing her spirit..
her mind..
letting go of those.. old ways..
so she said goodbye
to who she use to be..
the young girl
fulfilling wet dreams..
“goodbye young girl,” she said…
“may you finally rest in peace,
cuz i’m finally loving me”