Twisted “Miss” Ogyny

In a nation where political correctness is taught like ABC’s, I’m pretty much not giving a fuck about none of that.


I’m coming straight off the top about what we have allowed because people let their confusion run rampant in the streets. I have witnessed a number of homosexual men and transvestites trip, losing all of what is left of their given senses and disrespect women to a level that makes me say “enough is enough.”


This could potentially go into all the gay rights and civil liberties and all that but I won’t because I know some of ya’ll sensitive and I really prefer to stay out of your delusion. But this right here, it has to be addressed. Many homosexual men have found allies in women as they want to identify with our gender so much. The overemphasis in speech and gestures, the feelings of needing to compensate through compliments on all of our physicality…we see through all of that and while we look like “Nigga please” we still support because we are that loyal to men; that even in their rejection of our womanhood yet desire to assume it, we still offer the feminine aspect that they will never have. That’s what women do. We’re just trill like that.


However, don’t get it twisted “boo boo” as I hear some of my sistas say. And that especially goes for those men who like to play dress up and go so far as to have their dick flipped inside out: you are not a woman so don’t try me. To be so comfortable that you continue to take the assumed authority of being “cross-gendered” and play both sides by being effeminate when challenged by men and masculine when challenged by women…look, bruh: know your role. With a world that has taken the mere idea of a woman and beaten her design to a pulp; to sell her as a commodity for sex; to put fear into her so much as she keeps silent about being raped or sexually assaulted, the last thing that we EVER wanna deal with is a man who is between ideas about who he is, disrespecting the very concept that he wants to be.


Misogyny is real. Men, both hetero- and homosexual have taken their dicks and fucked us as if we don’t exist. Now, let this be known, in the war that is occurring in this realm both physical and spiritual, there ain’t too much room left to be “nice.” Now, for you men who are laying down, do what you do: that ain’t my ass to worry about. But please be aware that you are a man, regardless of what you do and we are women. There will be no disrespect because in all realness, we’re probably your last ally on this god-forsaken earth…so don’t push us. We won’t be so open-minded that our brains fall out.


I’m sleep tho.