Untitled Poem 2

This is a piece that I wrote for Black Woman, Lost and Found, and it is run by @NaturallyAlise .

Dear misunderstanding,

I suppose you still think you know me
But most likely you are still assuming
amusing yourself
presumptions of the third kind
that’s when you rate me by the debris in your mind
No reminiscent ruminations
I’m not dude with the skate board
not knocking the skid jeans
it’s just that
I ain’t he
possibly a variation
call me mutated genes
but the life I live
and the character type
the thoughts I think
the ideals I write
who are you comparing I to?
Still ain’t me.
I’m one of the wandering sea farers
Away by the sea side of space
Many have addressed me
most couldn’t embrace
I spin these thoughts inside a small carousel called my heart
I buried the key the last time you ripped it apart.
and yet, We still don’t know each other
Can we not pretend or be presumptuous?
You live among the similiar
I command the different and random
We don’t belong with each other
I can’t accept your compliance
and you can’t understand my nuance
it ain’t forced or forged
It ain’t bought at a swap meet
It didn’t come in a bag or with instructions
no manufacture’s tag or location of source
It wasn’t even my choice
or maybe it was
I’m not a body
I’m a voice
a distant vibration
a magnetic wave
drifting densly downward
ubiqutiously upsurging upwards
unique in my downfall
determined in my uprise
Look into my nebulous eyes



the guy you think you know…