Untitled Poem

I was blessed to be invited by one of my favorite Vloggers, Isis Papers,(please do yourself a favor and check out her page,here) to do a piece last night on a blog talk radio show hosted by one of my favorite spoken word goddesses, I am Oshun, (Twitter page, here). This is the piece that I delivered…

Put a panic button your penis and vadge lines
they mass producing death like a sad crime
and the badge of shame ain’t enough to keep condoms in the express line
because Afrika looks better on a poster for genocide
than that of original land birth bringer of the first blood lines
Conspiracy theorist press rewind
they got something that puts the tuskegee experiment in exponential percentage signs
Do the math
In the 60s the FBI needed to rid the black community of the messiah
like herod did jesus,
but please peep this
the communes of the prison industry were recorded by W.E.B. DuBios
at the turn of the last century
past the needle became the revolt slogan for those hip in the 70s
stay with me
Homosexuality breeds quick when the sexual is homo, meaning same;one
test the virus on the addicted communities of oakland and Philly
are you still with me?
How the hell does a T-cell revolt against its host?
introduce a new antibody into the cell construct
natural, I think not.
But science is not enough of a reliance
when the politics of human control become defiant
no trust, please people control your lust
turn off that tube designed to tell you false visions
Relinquish the culture that makes fucking a religion
Poverty displaces moral codes making prostitutes plenty
record and fast forward
sex rings on school yard children’s fingers is the “in” thing
false statistic report that not enough black women being married
trust not your external news coverage
they built divide and conquer in our blood
shh… quiet the porno running in your mind
and put a panic button on your penis and vadge lines…