Vaccination: Q2

Kobe Bryant and the L.A. Lakers give the city of the Angles a reason to burn cars as I complete Q2, or my second day of quarantine. Interesting enough I spent most of the day catching up on my media interest. I would basically translate that as watching how greedy and hypocritical the Republican party was as I watched Texas Representative Joe Barton apologize to an awkward Tony Hayward, who would only continue to pass the buck to engineers for the ill construction, or misconstrue…er…misconstruction of the oil that is presently flooding the Gulf of Mexico with 50,000 plus barrels of oil a day. Of course Barton being from Texas–land of the oil barons– and head of the energy and commerce subcommittee, and has received campaign donations from BP to the tune of $27,000. I suppose he is making sure he doesn’t look like he is biting the hand that feeds him.

I was also a little disturbed that a man convicted of murder, and had been attempting to overturn his conviction of death to that of life, was murdered executed by a firing squad. The firing squad is four sharp shooters with loaded weapons and one with a blank round. I still haven’t been able to figure out why that is such. They all aim at the heart of the individual sentenced to murder death. Although Ronnie Lee Gardner, the person convicted and killed sentenced to be executed requested this method, I simply can’t separate the barbarity of it all. I suppose soon we will be bringing back stoning for prostitution.

Other than having my media muscles renewed, my day was pretty uneventful. There was one discussion that seems to have possibly rubbed the sustainable agriculturist the wrong way. The volunteer and advocate for the homeless made comments that labeled a person “weird” for not going outside. I found that odd that any of us would refer to anyone as “weird”, or label anyone, and I made my feelings known. Later on in the day, the voracious reader spoke about drinking tea, upon my courteous smile, she responded, “Is that me being weird?” I could only laugh and shake my head. If she wasn’t upset, I’d say she was a little miffed. But I sincerely felt that someone with such grand and noble ideas, and who is putting them into action, would be better suited with a perspective removed of its societal dictated labels. How can one hold standards of the norm, while attempting to correct the life threatening results of those standards? That is going to be a difficult contradiction to synthesize in her growth.

As far as my personal health, I woke up slightly light-headed and a little nausea. I felt a lot better after walking around and eating a bit, and having everybody ask me what was wrong(one of the easiest ways to become annoying to me, being officious). One thing that occurred from that: a simple cough, hiccup, or choking on tea (as was the case with the agriculturist) caused us to show faux concern(we don’t even try to hide the sarcasm now), which is quickly defected. Pride and ego among the sick and quarantined…I swear I couldn’t make this shit up if they paid me to…