Vaccination: Q3

Day four of my being sequesterd away from the world. Starting to adjust and adapt to the patterns around here, taking advantage of the time away from my own world. I enjoyed a great conversation yesterday with the agriculturist’s associates about movies, made me really want to increase my overall media analysis. The experience really only worked to reinforce my belief that most great minds are probably trying to hitch a ride, or trying to get change for a bus ride somewhere. I suppose the average person would say that that isn’t having a mind if they have to beg or borrow, but I guess we all have assholes opinions about standards. There is a certain number of us who think beyond a note of debt that has worked to put people in debt, and out of homes. Unfortunately, the greatest tasks ahead of us is makeing these dreams somehow work, so that we can be accepted by the more practical crowd.

But I guess if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make the primetime line-up…

Was in another great conversation last night about black people and movies. My contention was that black people have a difficult time identifying with not so aggressive characters. If the character isn’t sauve, or witty, or cool, or full of “soul”…then many of us have a difficult time identifying with that character, even if we ourselves aren’t many of those things. I mentioned that there would never be the black parallel to Woody Harrelson’s character in “Indecent Proposal”, or an acceptable black parallel of Julia Roberts’ character in “Pretty Woman”. I deem those messages to a group of women is pretty strong. It also says a lot about black masculine representation. The idea is that it wouldn’t be palatable to most audiences to see a black man seduce a black prostitute. And come on, I mean, Julia Roberts’ portrayal wasn’t seamy in the least bit. She played a wholesome hooker, mainly because the US population can believe that, can American Blacks see a black woman as wholesome, who is also a prostitute? Oxymoronic, huh? Why?

Eh…returning back to my lab rat lifestyle…

My vital signs, which are check three times a day, indicate that I’m remaining healthy. I need to cut back on salt and liquor, however. I drink a lot of water–possibly one gallon a day. You would be surprised how quickly your body gets dehydrated here. I’ve known for a long time the healing properties of water, and good breathing exercises. I’ve been told that the legendary healer Imhotep used lights and music, I might want to look into downloading some jazz, or find Blu on twitter and persuade him to hurry up on the new mixtape!!

Other that today has been fine. I’m doing well, at least surviving. Using the time to continue my philosophy building and the like. No matter where we find ourselves, we have found ourselves.