This is a poem submitted by our sister J, please enjoy!


Putting on this face of uncertainty

Cuz I am uncertain

Eyes filled with tear drops

An empty aching feeling

Fills me

I just want to be completely free

I just want someone to truly see me

See me past all the hurts and insecurities

and take me as I am

Not who I could be

or who I use to be

but who I am right now

Through time,

growth comes

However, in this moment..

time sets still

and I am stuck in the questionable state

of disillusions

my heart aches from

constant misuse..

and I am growing tired


heavy burdened…

When will I be set free

so that I may finally sing

MY song..

tired of whispering..

and sitting in the background..

It is time to sing MY song..

arrange these lyrical melodies

that one may know MY story..

in moments like this

where all

vulnerability sets in..

i feel..everything..

I just hope someone

is there to listen..