Walter Scott And The Fourth Of April

On April 4, 2015, in South Carolina, Walter Scott, while driving with a passenger in a black Mercedes Benz with a broken brake light, was stopped by a North Charleston police officer, Michael Thomas Slager. What occurs, initially, is recorded in a video by the dashcam of Slager’s cruiser.



As it is shown in the video, Walter is questioned about his driver’s license, insurance, vehicle registration, as well as the ownership of the vehicle. A conversation ensues regarding the Walter’s plans to purchase the car, as he states that he does not own the car, he is planning on purchasing it, and he does not have the insurance for the car. Walter informs Slager that his own car is down. Slager then returns to his squad car. As the dashcam footage details, Walter steps out of the car, and is commanded by a barking Slager to step back inside the car.


Nineteen seconds later, Walter decides that waiting on whatever information the cop would retrieve from a warrant or background check was not worth the risk. He exits the Benz and begins to run towards what looks like some trees adjacent to the Advanced Auto Parts parking lot. Although, we cannot see it, apparently the Law Enforcer Slager gives chase.


The succeeding incidents of the pursuit would result in Walter’s last time seeing the inside of that black Mercedes Benz. On April 4, 2015, Walter Lamer Scott, a 50 year old father of four and former US Serviceman of the US Coast Guard, was killed.



Following the events, the specifics were unclear. Slager’s name was not released in the earliest statements from the police chief. Ultimately, it was Slager’s tale of an arrest resist and scuffle for his taser that caused him to fear for his life that media reporters were left to broadcast. Slager’s story would include also a failed attempt to resuscitate the fallen Walter. Yet, despite the CPR, Walter Scott would be pronounced dead at the scene.


It would all have probably gone according to Slager’s flagitious scheme, if it had not been for another video surfacing.


On April 4, 2015, a courageous 23 year young, North Charleston barber, Feiden Santana, recorded a murder on his phone.



The video begins with the blur and shake of fence and shrubbery. When it focuses, we find Walter and Slager entangled in not what would suggest a dangerous taking of Slager’s stun gun, but in Walter, yet again, simply attempting to escape the grasp of the patroller. This particular capturing does not show a heroic officer embedded in the harder side of his duty. It shows a hunter stalking his prey, and eventually, in true coward fashion, shooting at a running man eight times with his back to him.


On April 4, 2015, Walter Lamer Scott was murdered by Michael Thomas Slager, yet another Whyte patroller in history to kill a US Black person on the taxpayer’s time.



As Walter’s body lay lifeless on the ground, Slager drops what looks like the infamous taser of Slager’s magnificent tale. There was no application of CPR. Just other patrollers willing to corroborate and conspire in the heinous cover up. Business as usual. A Black body devoid of response, separated from its reasoning faculties for no apparent reason, a clump of matter, handcuffed for the sake of appearances and lies.


It would take the release and autoplaying on social media sites for the nation to be privy of the grand deceit. Slager would be fired and charged with first degree in murder in Walter’s homicide. The tale exposed, but it will still be a matter of time before we know if the April 4th murder of Walter Scott’s will be justly tried in the courts of law known for allowing killer cops to walk free or with proverbial slaps on the wrist.