Watch Me Do It…

Conversation rules the nation.

Never forget that.

We have a tendency as humans to avoid that which is simple. We make things more difficult for ourselves than that which is necessary. The criminals that we refer to as our founding fathers understood this. They understood simplicity. How simple it is too rule. How simple it is too fight. How very delicate the human circumstance really is.

How is you life?

How is you existence?

What are you?

Who are you?

What is a who?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Have you ever been asked these questions?

Everyday I look in the mirror and ask GOD what is their excuse for my pain. Why did you put me through this? What did I ever do that was deserving of the hell that I experienced attempting to play by the rules of a criminal nation?

I am no different than any other person.

I ALSO attempted to be CEO of a major corporation. My corporation was the streets of the American Black social strata. I say, “American Black”…like they say,”mastercard BLACK”…we have always held the master’s card…we are the master’s card…you know?

And in my pain…I have realized that which I can not record. In my pain, I have learned to record what I have learned. IN MY PAIN, I have become. I had to take a knife and rip my skin open in order to dig further inside of myself. LIFE has made me seal my skin. I am in some sort of a damn cocoon. AND I AM SO FUCKING SCARED.

I am so fucking scared of what I am becoming.

In the story of Alice, we realize that the wisest one among the insane was just a baby.

I was a baby last year…

What are you now?

My name is J. Farand….I am the Owl of Owl’s Asylum…the “asylum” is life….This is my life story.

Thanks for paying attention to my screams…