WE Built This Asylum…

I hear a lot…

I read a lot…

I am privy to a lot of information.

It hurts me to my core that some people would rob god.

But ultimately, the best thing for god to do when being robbed is to remember the social earth that has been created.

I was in undergrad.

I was homeless. Sleeping in the library. I was upset with the world.

I hated school.

I was two years away from my bachelors.

I was in an art class that was teaching me more about humility than color schemes and chiaroscuro.

So I was trying to blog.

And I created a site.

And I started blogging.

And I remember guys from class pulling up to me asking for weed.


The Asylum was always real.

It was my life.

And I’m hurt that some have taken my description of my medicine as a hip saying, not knowing what I had to go through to build this thing.

Like what I made came overnight and shit.

Don’t do that.

Ain’t no Asylum but Owl’s.

I’ll call you, I’ll get on gchat with you, whatever…I’ll fly to your city.

But please, I built this. From blood and tears. I know most people have blogs built from straw. But this one is not. There is a very scarred human being on the other side of these words. I earned my name. I’m still earning it. Please don’t disrespect the Asylum name because I am stupid enough to believe that this all I have and I will destroy everything you have ever thought you worked for. Pro bono.

My name is Jay Farand, I am the Owl of Owl’s Asylum, thank you for reading my post.