Welcome Back To Asylum: A Reader Appreciation Post

Much of my success as a writer at the present is due to hard work. Um…”hard work” here should be equated with a lot of hours spent writing and honing what I mean by Asylum.

And a lot of allowances from my readers. My readers really make me. I do believe, I have the World’s greatest readers. From a contemporary and narrow standpoint, sure. But still…My readers support and obviously appreciate candor and a unique perspective. And yes, the perspective is objective; the perspective is organic;and this is what makes the perspective original. And we must never forget: Owl is a Black media analyst. Asylum is the writing of Owl and the allies, the staff, the supporters, the believers, and the lovers of Asylum. Asylum. And with that means I take a look at the work from the perspective the media that it has thus far been able to take advantage. Luckily, I’m also able to manipulate the media currently affordable enough to present it.

Now, what is most important to the people? What do I leave as a legacy? I leave my soul here on earth. Regardless of what you or your cronies may think of me, I’m helpful guy. And I help with my writing. This is not the most comfortable ship to fly; but I make it comfortable while continuing to live and produce content based on my observation and analysis. I’m living the study of my life. I don’t want to be another easy target: consistent with image, yet your works don’t provide the people any sustenance. And correct, that causes you to critique every thought of every person when it is contrary to what you realize the people need. Once again, I understand: it is easier to tell the story of someone that needs assistance when you are that person. Welcome back to Asylum, the live broadcast of J. Farand, the Owl.

And the faith in the dollar and the need for resources can cause us to look at an organic plant as a thing that needs to be perfected. Yet, what of organic objectivity has gone without a perfecting gene? what I suppose is the basic concept of evolution(but without Freddy Kreuger and Jeffrey Dahmer). And please bear with me here, I have difficulty expressing this observation, but…

The bonds of individuality are about as strong as individual strings should be. But there is no legacy without the thousands of strands needed to make a muscle. I believe in Asylum, because Asylum is my muscle. “Owl styles Asylum as a women, and then says she is his muscle…?” Surely. Each strand, each update, each post, each phone call, each email, each text, each build is a strand. An individual strand that so happens to be bonded dynamically with other individual strands producing a cohesive unit. Melded together for a common passion: Asylum, and her flight commander Owl.

You have to understand: I’m not on the precipice, I’m in the quicksand already. Asylum is a broadcast. I’m like the scout ant. You know? Hierarchial animal behaviors to the other side, I like to venture out and see what is out here; because I have to. I write what most don’t because I’m deeper in the quicksand than most. I see what most aren’t. Yet, quicksand is a mentality, but there is a level of existence that can cause your thoughts to present this quicksand mentality faster than other levels of existence.

Some say there are no excuses, but when I bring up the question of class antagonism in all of its various forms, their reply is, “excuse me.” And I’m a thoughtful enough gentleman to give an excuse when it is asked. White people do it all the time. Obama did it for white people. Fuck you think an excuse is? Is it not a bailout from the error of your less desirable ways? And I hate when people justify the rape of countless Blacks with syht like “victimstance.” If niggas found out Michael Jackson sucked dick on camera and R. Kelly selling 14 year old pussy, they would justify it somehow morally to alleviate the cognitive dissonance created when they won’t give up their addiction to those respective great artists’ music. Niggaz don’t get why even today, Hitler is justified through feigned ignorance. And that’s why I love my readers: you guys sincerely get it. You might not agree with all points considered by Owl, but you understand the discussion. You are receptive to the broadcast of a drunk noah navigating the ark, if the nigga had a penchant for social media of the Twitter variety.

And I can’t say enough about the donations. Please understand my gratitude is eternal. Shit is rough for Asylum, playa, believe me. Every penny counts. I’m still shaky with the financing of Asylum. I promise, if I could live off just giving my writing away, I would. I’m writing this without an internet connection and no plans to be connected until earlier in the morning. Doesn’t stop Asylum. Asylum was never internet based; the interwebs simply provided a means to a medium of wide spread usage and popularity. And I don’t want to take Asylum off the web ever; but I do want people to understand that Asylum is already an institution. I’ve just got to stay alive long enough bear it to term. “Oh, geez, now the nigga is styling him Self as a pregnant woman of the child he styles as his woman…?”