What Does It Mean To Be Black 2011: Summit Verse Two

In continuing this series, our second verse comes from the genius networker that we have to thank for Summit and Skyline. It is my pleasure, once again, to present to Asylum the thoughts of my brother by force, my comrade by choice, @AhbseenKwestion.

Being black in 2011 is basically the same as being black in 2010. The only difference is that we’ve had a little more time with a black president. While many -mostly non-blacks- would like to believe that having a black president has somehow automagically improved our (blacks) quality of life, a quick conversation with a black person of lesser means will harvest a different response altogether.

Scarier still -while on the topic of melanated puppets- is that whatever strength we were expected to draw from the example of a black man elevated to the highest office is marred daily by endless waves of posse minded techno lynchers pretending as if every political wrong begins with Obama. We watch and listen to this mans public image being decimated -regularly- and should be reminded of the lower recesses of human nature that openly and viciously crystallized that mentality towards blacks in general. Instead, many of the more “conscious” (sidenote: expect a post on the use of “”s when using the term conscious and why if you address me in this manner you might get what you described me as) community of blacks prefer to use Obama as a whipping boy in the same fashion as the whites. I guess when he became president everyone was enlightened with the principles of political science and graduated from the electoral college because -to my knowledge- all presidents have limited power, are at the mercy of Congress/Corporations and are rarely selfless people. Apparently, the black president was supposed to be Hancock with a cigarette instead of a bottle. Horrible movie. Horrible assumption.

I am Black in 2011 and this means that if I stand my ground based on principles, openly show love for black people and distrust the current leadership -in all capacities- I will be immediately compared to Malcolm X and labeled a radical or revolutionary……all from the mouths of other blacks. It is a very generic and discouraging assumption because at the root of any nation their should be a sense of pride, solidarity and love for the organism because I believe nations are living and breathing extensions of the lands they are indigenous to.To instinctively refer to someone as an extremist versus studying their ways and actions to determine who they actually are is an exercise in immaturity that should make any adult caught in the practice ashamed to opine. Then again, isn’t that how racism works?

In 2011 I wonder what blacks are being taught in those “schools” that we fought to attend. I wonder why so many blacks are stepping out of those institutions of higher education so under prepared (or unwilling) to serve their own communities. Why in the information age are blacks still accessing the web primarily via cellphone to power social media vs engaging in the Global Economy from desktops computers within home based business? Why are we (blacks) so comfortable publicizing all of the fissures within the structure of our community online? Why do we still lack hiring power, when we control so much money? Why do the drugs still get sold and consumed but not manufactured in our communities? Why do our youth still manage to get guns and not recreation centers? Why is the black couple facing extinction behind the fading black family? Why do we still eat to die? To put it plain, Self-Hatred is celebrating another anniversary in 2011 and within the minds and hearts of my people. Until we can applaud the death date of self-hatred, we will continue to wonder where we are in the scheme of things because most of what we do -in the context of Western Society- is illusory and amounts to a means of justifying the scrutiny of others AND increasing the weight of bank deposits in the accounts of our communal parasites.

So being black in 2011 can be likened to being Employee of the Month and on probation pending termination….every month of your work life. We are here to produce profit for everyone outside of our community while simultaneously and single handedly wearing the blame for our present condition as if those who profit from our social position weren’t the hunter class exploitationists -of plantation lore- that planned our present. Any and every other race can access and assess their past to determine where they are headed but in regards to blacks we are not allowed to speak about ANY injustices we have endured -for the profit of others- without some public backlash….even in 2011. That is not progress as I would define it. It is, however, 2011 and I am most definitely black. Uhuru.