What the Fuck Are We Doing?

What the fuck are we doing as adults? The fuck? What the fuck does it mean to be successful in this place? Just fucking bloodshed everywhere. Just no damn sense of remorse, regret, we point the damn finger at everybody. Just don’t damn fucking care. We step over people in the street on the way the work, laugh at the unfortunate. Everybody is a gotdamn target. Everybody. I’ve done a lot of heartless things in my life, but I hope I have always had the decency to go back to those I have hurt. I read the article about the young 11-year child who hung herself due to bullying at school. Although the details are in yet, I’m hurt. I’m upset. What the fuck are we teaching children? Why are these fucking coping mechanism we are taught and teaching working? Nothing we have been given is working. Fuck, your son gets shot, you call the police, they might kill someone’s 7-year child in the damn process to lock a man up.

We’ve got to do better. We’ve got to try harder. We are losing way too many babies because we are failing as a society to just be decent. What the fuck happened to decency? Has the US ever been a “decent” country? I’m not talking about no fucking money and opportunity. People die everywhere. Columbine wasn’t in the hood. And I’m not on no black and white bullshit neither. We are fucked up. We are demented. We are all suffering from some sort of abnormalcy. This shit is deviant. It is fucking deviant. It is not suppose to fucking be this way.

It is like we are not listening. We are not noticing the pain. And we are not even alarmed by the viciousness. We are not upset enough. We are not crying enough. We are not.

You got a whole island under siege because the people are willing to give their lives for a corrupt man who is being sought out by an even more corrupt government. Murder is in the streets of Jamaica tonight and their is no peaceful solution. Some idiot on twitter tells me to stop slurring his country. I’m like yardie if you was so there you would be fucking hoping I was here telling the world what was going on. Muthafuckas have lost it!!

We have gotten a little too desensitized. Murder is just a word said on the news. It doesn’t exist in our reality. Until it does exist, and you start wondering where the help is going to come from. Until then it “there” problem. Oh, sorry. Oh, that is sad. Oh, that is so unfortunate. WE do nothing. Can’t ask a simple nut for a brain to type two damn words on twitter. TWITTER. That’s all you do is type. How hard can it be to do what you are already doing? How long must the human be persuaded to fucking help, while being lead to kill themselves and condition to enjoy murder?