“What’d You Expect?” – The dilemma when aggrandizing bull$#!+

You know….I’m tired.


Stupidity is tiresome.


No…I’m not stupid, but I internalize people and people are stupid so therefore I’m tired.


I didn’t watch the Republican National Convention last night because I knew that it would be a forlorn conglomerate of people who would consort to meeting at a Klu Klux Klan rally if the connotations didn’t present them as “racist.” And I knew that if watching, a spirit of anger would arise, not from the effortless propoganda and empty exhortations that was being relayed, but for the fact that I was wasting my precious time by watching it.


Unfortunately, watching Twitter is like watching TV. Somewhere between Ann Romney’s allegiance to women that look like her speech and Chris Christie’s “I want all of America to experience the Jersey Shore life” rhetoric, some one allegedly (even though I don’t put it past them) threw peanuts at a Black camerawoman from CNN and said the words “This is how we feed the animals.”




I wasn’t silent though. I laughed. Yes, as a woman of color, I laughed. I think that I may have been the only one to see the oxymoron in the actions of the moron that consorted to this action. But instead of most people seeing what is obviously natural behavior of those types who attend circus shows like any political party convention (but for this case, we’ll focus on the Barnum & Bailey sponsored RNC), episodes of shock and awe flooded my Twitter timeline.


Stupid, stupid, stupid.


What do you expect people? Black people especially…what do you expect? Are you expecting more from people who have willfully submitted themselves to the hypnotism of upper elites? Or, are you also expecting more as you’re under the hypnotism of an echelon of people who conspire to theatrics and entertainment in your name’s sake? I mean, how are you even moved at this point of racist antics and other atrocities induced by an apparently manipulative, inferior-minded people? The expectations for folks of this passion to behave any more civilized is like asking a lizard to walk upright because it’s more becoming.


*side mouf* ..Face it folks. Just as it’s not in that salamander’s nature to walk on its hind parts, neither is it in the nature of a human being (white or black) who has been indoctrinated with separatist ideas based on race and class to treat another human being (despite race or class) with respect. It’s just not going to happen. You’ll be better off insuring yourself with some snacks and preparing yourself for a show. So go ahead and tie these convention spoofs with the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and call it for what it is: bullshit. Just remember that while you’re popping cracker jacks and repeatedly telling yourself “I can’t believe what I’m watching,” attempting to convince others that one is entertainment and the other is of national importance, go look in the mirror and say:



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