What sense does it make to ask the Black people’s of the United States why they haven’t achieved what others have. It makes more sense for those Black people’s of the United States to ask others that critique them, why didn’t you help us? Of course, those Black people of the United States will immediately understand the reasons why.


In the City of St. Louis, where the Owl was raised, there is an Arab own store near the north side and downtown area. It is surrounded by three low income housing complexes and a white business district. It is a hallmark of the Urban Black dweller. And yet, it has not funneled any funds into the neighboring black community that allows it to survive in the midst of White owned businesses.


Although it is Arab owned, and named after the Arabic word for peace that was made famous world wide by Islamic defenders of Muhammad’s vision, those who own it have forgotten the children and family of Bilal the first Muezzin. While they serve alcohol to the young of those neighboring Black communities, they also allow drug dealing and the making of zombies.


This is what we as Black people have been reduced to. We no longer are respected by the very people that we taught how to be free. Before the Afrikan involvement in Islam, the Arab Semite muthakiller, daughterKiller was trapped in Arabia.


We, the children of the Sun allowed for them to be able to conquer the military might of Italy and to enter into Portugal, and then into Spain. It was the Black Moor, the Afrikan Islamist that conquered the lands beyond Arabia, that the Arab Knew nothing about. The Arab is truly the little brother to the Afrikan and should cease with the leeching of the Afrikan Blood in places like St. Louis. While the Arab takes advantage of the oil that comes from lands that the Black Moors conquered, the Arab fleeces those descendants of the Moors and the Ethiopians that gave life to the Arab community. Where was the Ethiopian during the days when Muhammad was out number? The Ethiopian was helping to provide Muhammad with solidiers and a place to rest. WHERE THE FUCK WAS THE ARAB WHEN BLACK PEOPLE WHERE BEING HANGED FOR SEEKING FREEDOM?