White Terrorist Cleared As Wing Nuts

I’m actually on vacation at the moment, but I suppose there really is no such thing as that for a blogger. I’m sitting in the Memphis terminal watching the newscast from CNN, and they are discussin “fright wing” as another white terrorist opens fire outside the pentagon. An excuse is being developed, a ruse of sorts. According to John Avlon, the irs building crash dummy and the shooter outside of the pentagon are being profiled as conspiracy theorist who have gone too far. More specifically, Avlon links the white terrorist to the 911 truthers movement.

This could become dangerous as the questioning of government and administration with regard to events and coteries may cause you to be profiled as a threat. While 11 more airports are getting full body scanners to arouse airport security across the land, white terrorists are being diagnosed as mentally disturbed internet conspiracy theorist. It wouldn’t be to much of a stretch to expect a public backlash and reaction from those who are made privy to this information. It would almost seem as though there is a campaign to shut down sites that promote documentaries such Zeitgiest and other works. Could that be possible? I meann why not just say these white guys are terrorist, if they were any other race they would be every sort of political beast…

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