Why Do You Know What You Know? (Second Thoughts)

What is the formal definition of capitalism? What is the formal definition of socialism? Does this matter when the countries that we define these words by rarely, if ever, live up to the ideological ideal? Let’s take the country of the United States of Northern America for instance. The United States was the country that was founded by the religiously persecuted, through well, religious persecution. The murder of the Natives of this land and the forced labor of millions of Afrikans brought here through kidnap helped to expand this empire and laid the ground work for its economic stratafication. The common thinking of the people of this country is that poverty is your fault, and that anyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Furhtermore, those that have fallen by the deceptive and malicious nature of western power builders were to blame for their backwardness. If you are being attacked by the US, you deserved it, you are somehow a moral micreant that has to be dealt with to bring justice to the world. And yet the US has never brought justice to any of the peoples that it has used like burning coal to build itself.

This is capitalism in practice.

Some might disagree with that terminology and use terms like fascism, or corporatism, and yet they are just as correct. The danger of discussions such as this is reflected in the degree to which semantic arguments can rise. There are no simple words that can be used to elucidate the problem. The United States of Northern America has a policy of murder for money, and murder to expand the market base. From a purely domestic viewpoint, the citizens are raised(socialized) to believe that the practices of the rich are high culture, and whatever the poor are doing is to be viewed as backwards and uncouth. This automaticaly sets up a top down cultural behavior pattern that sets into motion an imbalanced take on the entire world. Not only do you disparagingly on the homeless man asking for a dollar, but you also seek to see only the negative aspects of Islamic society, Communist society, Tribal Afrikan society, and any other culture that doesn’t fit the cultural paradigms of the rich. Specifically, the rich white paradigm. Which is somewhat of a redundancy wouldn’t you think?

Now, you aren’t being fed an attack on white people here, nor really rich people. What you are being informed of, really is simply a concretizing of your world view. We want to put ours eyes on the problem and make it into a particle instead of allowing it to continue to grow unquestioned. This attack on the Obama administration, the whole “tea party” movement is a farce. The US has the wealthiest 10% of rich people, and the poorest of the poor of the 30 western countries. At the moment, the US would represent the Germany of the twenty-first century. This idea that the US is the most free country in the world is simply not true. And the controlling factor is wealth.

The US ranks 4th worse among the 30 countries that make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This list includes not only the western body of european countries, but also countries such as Hungary, Korea, Poland, Slovak Republic, Turkey, as well as Greece. The US has double the average of children living in poverty with regard to the rest of the 30 countries. The US is part of the lower teir of these countries when it comes to giving financial benefits to families with children. The US gives no paid leave to pregnant mothers where as, every single other country in the assessment does. It is easier to obtain social mobility in Australia, Canadan, Denmark, Norway, and Finland than in the US.

Your belief in the system, your training has you fooled. The gap between the richest and the poprest is ever widening and has only been growing since the Reagan era. Open your eyes and look. How much of your choices are directed by the wealthy? How much do wish to behave and be like the wealthy? Do you really know what the lifestyle of the wealthy really is? Is a person that is wealthy automatically moral? Is a person that is wealthy automatically intelligent? Is a person that is wealthy automatically rational?

The social rhythm ascribed to the wealthy is a factor of fear within the minds of the people that allow them that space in their minds. How many times has the phrase “groupthink” been used before someone in the limelight uses it. If that person in the limelight didn’t have any economic success on a level comparable to their peers in entertainment, would that message still have held weight? Would it have resonated with the majority of those who watched the video?

The average US citizen is beset with what you might call “baller jocking”. You simply can’t control the urge to “dick ride” those who have amassed money. A person with money makes a shirt, it must be the best shirt ever made. It could be the ugliest sweater in the world, if a rich person has it on, it must be worth the ridiculous price tag it comes with. This is the US mentality.

This is capitalism in praxis…