Why Do You Know What You Know?

Did you know that there was a 6.9 to 7.1 magnitude earthquake in China’s Qinghia province that killed an estimated(as to date) 580 people(according information released by China)? Did you know that an extremely sizable portion of ice from an Andes mountain glacier in Peru dropped into an existing lake and caused a tsunami that spread through nearby townships? Have you heard about the politician assassinated in India (who was fighting for the rights of the “untouchables”)in broad daylight? What else didn’t you know? What are you being bombarded with?

Why is NIgeria’s acting president Goodluck Jonathan being questioned? Just for the sake of your enlightenment? Just to continue a conversation that is existing in the media that seems to be coloring the people’s of Nigeria as militant and resistant to western influence? Is this a means to educate or prepare the minds of viewers for a future attack on Nigeria in order for the US and western allies to reap the benefits of Nigeria’s oil-rich lands?

What about this reemergence of the myth of the single black woman? Why is this important enough for the economist to do a piece on? What does the single black woman’s plight have to do with the economy? That last question is not to say the economist only deals with issues of the economy, but why are they dealing with this particular topic? Who has done the homework to prove that the reason for the suspect statement regarding black women not being able to find “eligible” black men is prison incarceration?

In 1994, Irving Kirsch proposed that hypnosis was a “nondeceptive mega-placebo.”(Clinical Hypnosis and Self-Regulation: Cognitive-Behavioral Perspectives, American Psychological Association, (Washington), 1999.) It means that there is a state of mind in which persons allow themselves to be placed into a state of high level suggestibility. Furthermore, the Scottish physician and surgeon James Braid, whose techniques of hypnotic state induction became influential in the study of hypnosis, defined “hypnosis” as the act of focusing the conscious upon a single dominant idea. Let me state the thinking of another person who has studied this phenomenon in depth. Hippolyte Bernheim, a French physician and neurologist, states that “it is suggestion that rules hypnotism.”

What happens to a people in a society where their media outlets focus on particular topics from different angles in a prolonged fashion? How does the media effect of controlling the conversations we have create suggestibility in our minds? Why is the media of the US reminiscent of the continuous ranting of Jim Jones in his death trap “Jonestown”?

HOW do we prevent ourselves from being hypnotized zombies who must depend on a media that has been bought, seduced, punked and soiled by major corporations? Who do we trust when the first amendment is being abused by corporate lackey’s posing as journalist?

More on this later…