Why Do You Know What You Know?(Strike Three)

what exactly are the effects of thought on the community?
what is the effect of the CENTURIES of negative thought on the Black community?
What is the true the brain washing and what is the cheap one?
If you force a group of people under pressure of maiming, rape, and death to call themselves sub-human…for CENTURIES, how does it affect the working mind on the quantaum physics around themselves? The world is a choice. What we choose to see is an amalgation of social percepts, biological necessities, personal experience, and programming. If a people are taught that they must work to achieve the life they were born to live, then those who see this as a truth, or accept it, will only see jobs as a means to survival. A group of people who have been told that they are sub-human, and live in sub-human conditions, and have to commit acts of violence in order to achieve minimal levels of material existence will have a difficult time looking past this.

How can one who is beset by such illusions begin to see past every level of these false perceptions?

In my experiences with low self-esteem and detrimental self-image, I have learned that the self-consciousness needs a jarring. The type of experience that forces the awareness to realize potentials in a manifested manner. The tool that was used in during the United States slavery system was extremely empirical. The media as a tool for socialization is most powerful in the use of images whether visual or audual. The social climate that comes with economic stratifaction after slavery creates a pattern where those that live the most comfortably being white promotes these images in a very influential way. The societal percerpt that the American Black must work twice as hard to achieve half the success creates apathy. The very society in which we live communicates to the consciousness an idea that we are trying hard enough. The dichotomy created by those chosen to be leaders of the American Black people further impinges on the self-image. When you have rich American Blacks communicating from a position of assimilation instead of acculturation from the locus of American black culture, the idea that “white is right” is further pressed on the collective psyche. The needed jarring has to be more than a black president that has no foundation in the American black experience. What we see in the media interpretation of the activities of the masters of american black culture is reprehensible materialism, glamorized rhetoric of criminal behavior, and a subtle denigration of the intellectual and working class. All of this points to a need for expressed power.

The first steps that I took to improve my outlook on my inner world, was to gain power. Power is simply the ability to do. The work of developing my vocabulary came as a bolster of confidence as well as an actual tool of influence. This was very necessary growth stage i that it built my circle of influence. The mind is still the ruler of the world. Those who are able to work well within the collective mind are able to build with those of various levels of economy. The negation of such in the american black culture with respect to things such as popular culture is extremely dangerous. We must always remember that the American Black was a criminal if they could read. The very act of learning how to read was punishable by the laws of the land. couple this with the price tag of a degree from a reputable institution of higher learning among the group of people with the highest percentage of people living below the poverty line. Multiply that with a culture that considers their intellegent members as weak and ineffectual, and undesirable sexually without any other social skill set. An equation such as that will yield a social group that deems athleticism and entertainment as the highest sources of survival. In a collective that is moving further and further away from social interactions via technological achievements this can only continue to prevent that people from the level of image making necessary for an overall change of mindset.

What occurs is the promotion of the same type of mindset that was produced during slavery. The uneducated, unenlightened, sexual, work horse. Does this describe anyone you know? The extension of the slave mentality throughout history will only produce the same history. Albeit, there were tremendous stories of heroic accomplishments during slavery, we realize that those few great minds couldn’t reverse the overall social practice of slavery. No matter how many slave revolts, and unconnected acts of rebellion, the lack of a sophisticated philosophy of self-awareness across the slave population yeilded nothing in the likes of freedom. Although the story of Haiti is a tragic one, we realize that the story of the American Black is just as tragic if not more so in the mirror of obident docility. A people that will kill and pimp one another before those that continue to sanction them is a more depressing tale than those who have fought and died through lack of support from a bigger and more economically viable motherland.

This brings up another dimension.

The American Black is an extension of the Afrikan culture by necessity. A rich scholarship of Afrikan culture was developed by the afrocentrist to give a bolster to the collective self-esteem of the American Black. The idea was to show the American Black that the histroy of the people’s housed in melanin enriched skin was that of civilization definers. The great stories of kings and queens were injected into the foklore of the peoples, demonstrated by the wearing of “Nefertiti heads” during the more politically conscious stages of the people’s popular culture. Unfortuanetly, that connection to the motherland was similar to a child that takes on the last name of an absentee father in hopes to build a healthy identity. Yet, that nominal act does make the father spend time with the child, nor provide that child with a well-being. The western power structure is such that even after the American Revolution the ties with Europe are only more strengthen with the immigrants of Italy and Ireland and all over Europe coming to the land where they are socially above at least one group of people by default. The connection between the US and Great Britan(and thus Europe in totale) is that of the father and his son. A rebellious child that seeks to be independent and grows into its own, and yet can always ask for a loan or to borrow a gun or two when needed from the parent. The western baby-sitting of Israel is a telling tale. What the Jews were able to ask for from Britian and the western powers in the state of Israel, the American Black should be able to ask for from the nations of which they were sold from.

I will close this post on that note, and continue at a later date…