Why I’m Totally Embarrassed By Google’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Doodle


I was conferencing on Twitter with Nikki, well, you’ll know her best as @Chey_Marly_Mom, and my Tweetdeck froze. I decided to switch to Firefox, but anyone working with 2 sticks of 1gb RAM and less than 60gb of on board memory knows the hassles of Firefox’s resource drain. So, I convinced my Self to download Chrome for my Interglobe site surfing. Upon entering Google, I was beckoned by an image of Google being spelled out by this one Black face digitally painted and skewed for convenience(lazy pricks), another one of a Black man with his eyes closed for the ‘G’, and another guy looking really close to Jesse Jackson with his hands in “raise the roof” formation. I wanted, maybe even needed, to call Earl(for my not so lumpen Afkan(Afrikan Amerikkkan) readers, I just wrote that I wanted to regurgitate with dry retching and praying).


As my loyal readers already know, I’m not very big on holidays(“holy days” either…same thing?). I might as well have been raised a Jehovah’s Witness, I’ve probably celebrated 2 born days as a child, and 1 or 2(I see you, Calvin) as an adult. I get upset with the New Year celebration because it isn’t really a complete new cycle for me, it is just a collective celebration of one. I’ve even asked Asylum Staff(that’s fun, isn’t it) why people don’t give gifts on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday like they do Jesus’ birthday. I mean, Dr. King, Jr. played a much more significant role in the lives of Afkans than Jesus ever will, and there is no argument about his existence, rise, or crucifixion. I suppose people that have been as psychologically gang banged and ghetto gagged as Afkans would need some one White to suggest it and show them how to do it. I wonder if Tim Wise answers emails.




I relay that portion of my Self as a means to disclaimer, right? Yet, with even my unique disposition towards what most in any culture respond to as holidays, I take certain issues with the Google Doodle. Let me restate that for the new comers to Asylum that rode the Google search engine on the way in. Although I could really care less about any holiday celebration, even my own, I do believe that we ought to be concerned about the manner in which we present people that have taken hot metal projectiles to the anatomical frame as a retirement party. People in certain circles that I frequent from time to time mention their disdain with Malcolm X’s birthday not being celebrated more. I’m damn glad it isn’t popular. I would blast my narrow head off with a rusty .38(possibly the same sort of gun Dr. Martin owned) without announcing it on Twitter if I had to live through the sheer corniness that I watch you humans honor your prolific with. There are circumstances in this world that the West with their troglodyte traumas will never explain away with logic. There are vibrations that only the Eastern oriented soul can comprehend.


Put some value on it, would you?


Could you?


I’d appreciate that, and good looks.


I can’t completely frame the emotional hemorrhaging I experience when gazing at this piece. Is it too artistic? Is it too much of a common thing for Google to display? Is it the political symbolism of a red, white, and blue streamer and a subtle nod to Obama on a very subliminal level that gut punches me? What is it exactly that offends me?


Whatever it is, I’m an Afkan. That’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He died for your sins(well, he was executed presidential style because you all like to sin…), but he lived for my ability to express whatever the fuck I wanted. He lived to show me that as long as I had the courage to stand on my shit and take the lumps that come with it, there’s power in living your dreams out loud.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get that message in the Google Doodle. I got more of the hope and change garbage that represented about a .10 of what that elder presented as his practiced philosophy.


I don’t like it. I don’t like the fact that Afkans can only honor their heroes when the US government tells them they can. I don’t like that Afkans allow the government to own figures that the government hunted down like that one horsefly that somehow survived the fall and winter in your bathroom and all of a sudden wants to stretch its wings out while you are wiping down from a shower. If you are going to allow people to capitalize from your fallen generals, I would suggest you take in a fee. The Jews at least get a commission from the assassination of Jesus(whether that icon existed or not). The West will receive their reward from the names of Socrates(whether that icon existed or not), Aristotle, and even Pythagoras. The Arabs won’t even let you use an image that LOOKS like the spelling, or SOUNDS like the pronunciation of their coveted STATEMENTS(naw, I ain’t e’en ’bout to trip with them A-rabs…). Nobody does.


Except for you dearly misrepresented Afkans.


Feel free to tell me why you do or don’t feel the same as I in the comment section.


And let’s keep it tasteful, people…