Why Writer Randolph Is Wrong About Black Business

The Writer Randolph tells us:

“Not everyone is meant to do everything is the adage but in dealing with business, it is definitely the truth. The debate that everyone can do anything if they are trained even rages in academic circles. I beg to differ. If it were true, all children who are trained to sing would become world-renowned platinum selling vocalists. However, we know that is not true, there are plenty of trained vocalists and very few who reach a pinnacle of success. Business is the much the same way. Very few true entrepreneurial businesses achieve longevity and prosperity.”

The Writer Randolph supports his opening thesis and first premise with the concept that “all” people cannot do “all” things. He speaks to a very common sense practicality. I don’t disagree. I would be a fool to say that “all” people can do everything that another has. I would issue this dissent though: those that are willing, should give a dying effort. By dying effort, I recall the words of 50 cent, “Get Rich or Die Trying”. Now, getting rich is not my personal goal, anyone with an ant sized interaction with me will tell you that I’m no capitalist, I am a proud idealist. Even as an idealist, though, I speak to the future of those I interact with. And if riches is what you desire, I say pursue it as if your life’s purpose was to have it. The realist, not realest(big difference), among us(according to my life’s experience) is what we call the sucker. It wasn’t the guys that estimated strength that fought the bullies of the blocks. It was always those that believed in the unseen. Those that had faith in themselves and gave a damn less about losing. Much of the reason that Haiti is even a noun in our language is due to a person that was unreasonably unrealistic. The Black entrepreneur is not even facing that degree of perceived impossibility.

The Writer Randolph speaks to the Black community by saying:

“As in the case of vocal training, there are many aspects to becoming a successful vocalist that cannot be taught. Things such as a unique voice that is pleasant to the ear, tone, pitch, and rhythm cannot be easily taught and are critical to success. Having your own business works much the same way. While you can teach anyone how to write a business plan, market his business and keep good financial records, you cannot teach or warn them about starting a business for the wrong reasons, focusing on their long-term goals and reliance on their own natural strengths, experiences and personality for long-term success. These aspects are critical and vital to the success of a business venture; sadly, not all blacks are blessed in these ways

Many millions, upon millions of dollars have been because someone starts their business for the wrong reasons. Blacks are very guilty of this. Ask many blacks why they chose to start the particular and the answer is usually similar to this “My Uncle makes a lot of money doing this.” This thinking has led to an over abundance of hair salons, barbershops, restaurants, corner stores, day cares, nail shops, real estate offices, churches & record labels in our communities. We seem to forget that for every profitable business, which we see in existence today, there have been hundreds that have failed within their first year.

Copycatting is not a good reason for starting your own business. People wonder why many dollars are spent outside of our neighborhood. Often it is because there is a lack of diversity of businesses within our community. That is our fault. We need a greater diversity of businesses in our communities. Therefore, only the people who are bringing original ideas and business ventures to our communities should start a business.”