Why Writer Randolph Is Wrong About Black Business

“Embrace who you are to survive..” I almost choked laughing at this. Nothing personal, Owl’s Asylum’s Honor. But where did this come from? Writer Randolph calls us to vilify those that seek to operate businesses because of money, but then speaks to our survival needs. Am I the only one that sees the contradiction here? I’ll be here all day if I don’t move on…

“We must realize that starting your own business is like knocking on America’s front door and asking them directly to buy your product or service. Being black means that we rarely have the luxury of hiding behind our product or service, therefore who we are that determines the acceptance. We will always have to answer the question ‘Okay and who are you?’ Those that are not capable of answering that question should not start their own businesses.

Those that can start their own businesses should. In fact, it is critical that all and any black person with unique knowledge and the ability to take the financial risk of working for themselves, do so. No, that does not include everyone. Some of us need just to go to work, period.”

So, in conclusion, work. If you can’t figure yourself out enough to go into business for some obscure reason, go work for somebody. That’s it!! That’s the solution to all of our woes! Why didn’t I think of that!? Sure, if I can’t go into business for myself, go get a job! That is what he meant by “just go to work”…with a period, right? Could I possibly be misinterpreting that? Let me know. If I am wrong about that interpretation correct me. But I do believe that is exactly with the Writer Randolph is commanding the Black community to do. Of course, not “all” of the Black community, but “all” of those not knowing themselves. I’m glad I have now realized why Walmart and McDonald’s were able to be so successful: the owners had knowledge of self…sure. I’m through.