Woe Be to Us…ALL(A Poem By GODlike_)

I want to thank the brother GODlike_ for his contribution to Asylum. If you aren’t already follow him, make that move…


Woe be to the leaders who’ve forgotten how to lead,


Woe be to the slaves who were convinced they were freed,


Woe be to the children so over anxious to breed,


Woe be to the coast as we all watch it recede,


Woe be to our innocence that’s being forced to plead,


Woe be to the darkness that’s moving at light speed,


Woe be to me..if I proceed…


Woe be to the democracy that makes a mockery..of misfortune,


Woe be to every single victim of extortion and each fetus who was murdered by abortion,


Woe be to my ears for hearing the distortion,


Woe be to my body for feeling the contortion,


Woe be to my people trapped in the system,


Woe be to the prophets who lack wisdom,


Woe be to every waiter in a restaurant,


Woe be to every cashier..who rings up more (in one day) then they’ll make in a year,


Woe be to every in home caretaker and every immigrant landscaper,


Woe be to every maid who will never have it made,


Woe be to the kids who can’t read in the tenth grade,


Woe be to the siblings displaced by a drug raid,


Woe be to the wounds who will never heal without a band aid,


Woe be to every dead beat dad who never stayed,


A special woe to single mothers stuck government aide,


Woe be to every hard worker feeling underpaid and every star player who is feeling underplayed,


Woe be to every message that will never be conveyed,


Woe be to every wrist as it speaks to the blade,


Woe be to the bullet as it travels through the brain,


Woe be to every mother when only child was slain,


Woe be to the clouds as their being forced to rain,


Woe be to compassion as it’s being forced to strain,


Woe be to the tyranny that’s just begun it’s reign,


A special woe to every achievement I’ll fail to attain,


Woe be to every relationship that I fucked up,


Woe be to the next man who thinks he lucked up.