You Don’t Know Nothing About Blogging…Sure, Another Mayweather vs Merchant Post



Well, maybe…


I’m not my brother Z(as in Z. Q. Clay(@Zqclay), you might know my nigga from here, here…or yeah, here). So, I will not disrespect his expertise by pretending that I am any thing like a sports critic or worthy commentator. See, guys, even Owl has to listen to Don(Oh, yeah, that’s the big brother, @Ahbseenkwestion) when he says,”Stay in your lane.” But, I will allow certain poetic license and my expertise as a Black media analyst to influence this piece and give it a reason to be in my panoply. As the brother Bilal Sankofa once noted in a personal session, the phrase, “Do you” has several interpretations.



“You got knocked the fuck out!”


It was a very funny line in a movie, but when I started seeing grown men saying it after a man was actually on the floor holding their mouths while blood formed ponds in penitentiary dorm rooms called cells, I knew. I knew that life was violent and that media only helped perpetuate violent realities for Black men. And as I walked from what is affectionately known as “central” in the only city my mother could muster the strength to birth me in to the metrolink, our very own version of the rail transit, I didn’t hear about the violence rampaging Chicago or Police brutality cases being waged by activists wonder what Owl was doing.


No(read that like Caesar in ‘Rise of the Planet of Apes’ might say it).


As I looked at my phone for reassurance from Asylum Staff that life was indeed still operating at temperature “hell,” an older gentleman holding up five fingers loudly and proudly pronounced that Mayweather had knocked the spick out in round five. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri if you are new to Asylum. I don’t suspect that I’ve ever felt any direct antagonisms toward anyone from Mexico, or Latin America. I don’t know anybody from Puerto Rico. I’ve never fucked any of the Hispanic chicks that DJ Zeeti or Jon Raff write incessantly about. I’m from St. Louis, Mo. Not Kansas City, Mo, but the other over crowded town.


So, when my reality is opened to a new paradigm that isn’t an objective reality, I start questioning shit real fast.


I am impressed by Mayweather’s nobility.


I am.


He is poised. He is confident. He is more than a simple gladiator, he is Zulu. I would never associate my Self again with many of the lions of the den or the quicksand, for my own personal reasons, but I do recognize the warriors when I meet them. The aggressiveness, the overbearing demeanor, the annoying degree of competitiveness, the extravagant taste of those that aren’t even capable of affording opulent luxuries. For everything my temperament has arranged for me to dislike in the combatant, I also secretly admire and can appreciate.


The brother boxer reminds me of a younger Muhammad Ali. I wonder if Minister Louis Farrakhan had not created an atmosphere of murder that produced the lightning that struck down Malcolm, would Malcolm fuck with a guy like Mayweather. And even as I write this, I think of the virtues of the wordsmiths that have come before me, and their gifts. Black men must not forget the work of great writers and speakers, craftsmen of the vibratory symbols that either levitate us toward divinity or anchor us in the bowels of Western objective blindness. And as I watched the fight from a video recording of the fight(that muthafucka had the whole damn tv, like the TV showing) that my cousin had recorded for me in the home of Mexicans, I thought about my home town reality.


I’m from St. Louis…did I mention that?


Our jails (and yes I’ve done more than enough of what Bronislaw Malinowski might refer to as observant participation to say), don’t have large Mexican populations and even in St. Clair county in Illinois where I’ve also done recent field research, the Hispanics are allies of Blacks. Yet, I understand how my enemy moves. In a state with one of the smallest populations per capita we have more prisons than California, one of the states with the largest populations per capita, but not a visible aggregate of Hispanics in those prisons to be relative even with the populations in Kansas City, Mo. We just don’t have the numbers necessary for the aggression. I could be grievously wrong here, but my assumption with anyone Black from this city having problems with anyone Brown is either highly personally, and thus not ethnic warfare, or they have been brainwashed by the media hype. Or have family from areas where the ethnic warfare is a reality.


And I am so fucking glad that Mayweather does at least recognize psychological over-and-unders thrown by flabby men 50 years his senior.


Crying babies reveal the secret location of tribes when hunted down by their opposition. But, warriors are only strengthened by their ability to express pain and discontent. During a post bout interview, Larry Merchant asks a few loaded questions that cause Mayweather to respond in like the antagonisms:



Oops…that was not the interview after the Ortiz vs. Mayweather fight, that was another interaction between the boxer and the sports commentator.


This is the one that is of the recent match:



I’m not a sports critic. I do critique music, and I will critique any form of media as I see fit with hopes of critiques of my critique from outside reviewers of my work about my life, Asylum, be presented with a respect for this craft. That being said, I thought the head butt was as dirty as Ortiz and his camp, namely his manager, claimed Mayweather would be.


And Mayweather responded just like he said he would.


Every good oops deserves another one. And he even offered a rematch, why not? Get money, right?


That is a performance.


And so was Merchant’s interview. As it should be. And so was the response(I’m sure some pro-gerbil in anal cavity type is going to say,”reaction”) from Floyd Jr. As it should be. As a writer of some controversial thoughts, I have to accept and expect counter thoughts. As an analyst, I have to have thick skin. I agree with Mayweather, he hasn’t gotten a fair one from Merchant, and he should expect to. He is being framed as the “Black Buck” next to the smiling and sportsman-like Ortiz, of course, don’t get put in a situation where Ortiz can’t generate the victory he wants or he will show you his not so sportsman-like conduct with a smile as well. Merchant didn’t address the fully intentioned, forcefully coordinated head butt as a low blow. I just wish Mayweather realized that the reason Merchant is doing his job, is because, well, he is doing his job…for HBO. Even pitbull fights have socio-political ramifications…ask Michael Vick.



I don’t like pitbull fights with political agendas, Mayweather and Ortiz both walk away from this ordeal with more money than I’ve probably ever seen. However, since there is a socio-political angle here, I’m glad Mayweather kept it as worthy pugilists with a purse at stake. I don’t know how many confined prisoners of California have to defend their lives nightly due to violence between Blacks and Browns, but I’m from St. Louis, I don’t know nothing ’bout that shit, I slap hands with Hispanics, and Asylum is still waiting for a few Latina conscious titty shots to appear in a remote DM or email near me. I can only speak so deeply about the impact of sports on society, and my first response will always be to quell blood thirst, and to propel blood thirst. Minorities in position to be grand conquistadors of the ring, field or court must also realize they are just as much pawns to be moved on board by lazier bodies in boardrooms. Or on blogs, but my self-degradation has to have a few limits. Mayweather has consistently supported his alliance with HBO, and I’m sure he has made HBO quite a lot of money. I just wonder if HBO will accept the vote that Money May is casting…okay, I’m lying, there is no way in media hades you are going to see HBO fulfill Floyd’s wishes. You ain’t doing it like that, my nigga…stick to food & beverage.


…And why aren’t White commentators talking about him thrusting bent knees and forcing his top cranium into Mayweather’s lip?


Eh, never mind…